15 simple self-improvement lessons!

Let it be beautiful and bright the journey of life that for everyone is either a challenge or an opportunity to achieve goals or even to fulfill dreams. For others, it is a beautiful and bright journey, regardless of the obstacles and difficulties that may appear on the road.

Especially in the difficult times that we are experiencing, it is important to find within us the strong and beautiful core of personality we conceal and highlight our quintessential self, the best spirit of our emotional reserve, the best & authentic version of our Self.

by Laskari Konstantinos

We will gradually see that the degree of self-esteem and self-respect will increase, we will feel inner fullness and happiness to flood us as our inner harmony improves at the same time our inner balance, quality and depth, which in turn will make Higher & our most important and most authentic relationships with people and around us, since they will perceive the immense and impressive change that you will notice and witness to a “miracle” that will take place within you. Your transformation!

A prerequisite for all these miracles to happen is …

1. Every morning say a good “reason” to yourself.

Yes, exactly! Start your day with a good reason for yourself! Being bully in the copments towards yourself, it does not cost. On the contrary, compliment may be the reward for having managed to do a difficult job, giving good advice to a friend, and helping him with a problem he was facing. It does not matter whether small or large, as long as it is positive!

With this positive emotional attitude of life, you will feel better for yourself and you will tend to treat others not as a means but as a purpose.

2. Stop incriminating others about how you feel

Stop searching for it contributed by others around you so you feel bad. In this way, all you can do is find yourself in a state of confusion, emotional deconstruction and fallout, being sordid and moody and feeling generally harsh, downward and ill-placed. Sometimes I do not interfere, everyone has good reasons to get angry and fret about something ugly that his spouse, boss, girlfriend, child, etc. made him.

Even if you are right, giving the other person the reins to determine how you will feel is defeat! Before proceeding to look for the mistakes of others, first recognize your own mistakes or your own contribution to the bad behavior of others. Leave it all behind you and focus on how you make your life more beautiful without it depending on how someone else will or will face you. Gallagian courtesy is scarce nowadays, and we must realize this and not be surprised that even the most beloved persons may harass us, arrogate us, want our evil in simple words either by self-interest, or by any means or for any reason at the personal benefit level.

The knowledge that no “safer enemy of the ungrateful benefactor”, that betrayal, undermining or even ugly behavior may come mainly from persons we love, believe in, we trust, should not surprise us, nor, of course, do not worry. The blow will be crucial. We just have to realize and know it well that we will accept and arrows from home. It is then that we have to be armed with courage so that the “trauma” is not deep and the “pain” lasting and unbearable!

3. Stop being annoyed and angry with the slightest

Anger is a normal feeling, where the person realizes that something unpleasant and odd happens. But when one gets angry and irritates with the slightest, he excretes other hormones of stress in the body of cortisol, causing stress and harm to his mental and physical health.

Anger, indignation encourages the appearance of inappropriate, uncontrollable and unpalatable behavior, prevents man from making proper decisions, blurred his judgment, does not allow him to appreciate the beautiful things in his life and to feel calm and peaceful. Additionally, to note that not keeping your anger is a sign of lack of education as something terrible and ridiculous, Plutarch teaches us (Many of the anger is terrible, many and ridiculous).

4. Learn to forgive

Forgiveness has great power because it helps to leave behind something unpleasant and disturbing that has caused us sorrow, pain and suffering. When one forgives it does not mean that he forgets, but chooses not to be emotionally involved in the ugly situation. Sometimes forgiveness has the meaning of atonement, forgiving one’s self, his mistakes, his misconduct, his bad choices, his past. By forgiving one’s own self in essence, he relegates him from negativity and the ugly experiences of the past.

5. Be honest

Sincerity is one of the foundation stones in every relationship, erotic, family, or professional. Say the truth, in a clear, honest, straightforward way, without insulting or prejudicing the other. Show honesty and immediacy and say what you desire with kindness and sincere remorse.

Learn to communicate your thoughts, ideas and feelings. When you hide what you feel or what you think you are not honest with your interlocutor, you give him false information and it is very likely that in the end neither you nor the other person will be satisfied with your meeting or conversation, from your communication.

6. Help

See yourself and your needs and help someone else in any way: take your seat on the bus to someone who needs it, keep the door open for the one who comes in after you, help the mother with the its a stroller, give it information, a charity … To offer some kind of help, however small, is one of the best ways to become a better person!

7. Listen

Learn to listen to your interlocutor carefully: this means that at the moment you are an energetic and attentive listener, you do not focus your attention on your own problems or concerns, nor do you also prepare your answer while listening to your interlocutor. Learning to listen to others you know best, you discover new people, new ideas and new experiences. Remember that by listening carefully to what your other person has to say, you make a gift while also showing your best and earning something from the conversation!

8. Do something that pleases you

Your best appears very easily when you do something you love! Unfortunately, most people with the tasks and daily pressures consider it “luxury” to do something for themselves or fear that others will tell them selfish. This is completely wrong! By devoting time to yourself and doing things you love, you bring to the surface your best and thus enrich not only yours but also the lives of your loved ones!

9. Courtesy

Do you remember simple and basically “thank you” and “please” or are you so anxious and hasty that you consider them data and have not included them in your daily vocabulary? If so, review and adopt basic standards of good behavior. A small dose of courtesy, a smile, a good conversation make the mood of the other, but also yours. Do not tell me “but if the other …”. What the other person does is his own affair. What you choose to do is entirely your own affair and I do not think you want to give someone else the power to determine how you will act!

10. Authenticity

Or, more simply, be yourself! Remember what your values, your beliefs, the important things in life are, and make them based on them. Do not hide, do not pretend, do not pretend and do not try to show something that you are not. Find your personal ID and signature and head up to show who you really are.

11. Be open to change

Whenever you say “yes” to something different, to a change in your routine, you broaden the horizon of your experiences and cultivate your personal development and self-improvement. Changing can be as small as cooking or tasting a new meal, going to another bar, taking a trip, seeing a show, tasting an activity or sports, or doing something that feared you now. The open-minded attitude of life, the challenge, the acquaintance with the unknown helps to gain new experiences and confidence.

12. Show respect

Do you know what respect is? Feeling or judging that something is important, great, useful, beautiful … Respect is therefore not standard, nor is it a general and vague type of “to respect the older ones” (it is good to respect young and old!). Respect is the attitude of life when we recognize the remarkable. As we want others to respect, for example, we must show respect for nature, the time of other people, their thoughts, their feelings, their way of life … We show respect even if we do not agree, but we leave space the other to co-exist with us.

13. Learn to see the positive and say it

Most people, especially in the difficult days we are in, tend to see almost the wrong and the upside around them. Even worse, they are irritated, angry, stressed, anxious, pessimistic predictions, suspecting and blaming others … But such an attitude of life only brings more negativity and mental misery. Learn to locate around you, people, situations and things the positive and the nice! Tell it! Show that you appreciate it! Say a good reason, do a compliment, share the nice one!

14. I live to learn

Adopt an open lifestyle like ‘I live to learn’ and not ‘I know everything and I am fair’. Read books, articles about things you care about or something you do not know, exchange views with friends and acquaintances, listen to different settings from your own (but do not disagree!), Try to understand someone else’s position and see things from its own point of view (without having to agree). By learning something new you come into contact with other people, teach them and you manage to outsmart your best!

15. Make a pleasant surprise

What was the last time someone made you a little or a great surprise and smiled through your soul? Do you remember this feeling? Make small surprises around you and you will notice that they will slowly start to repel you in some way. Even their smile or thank you to tell you will make you feel really beautiful.


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