3 Mascara tricks for fuller eyelashes

Do you want fuller eyelashes? With these tricks and some mascara the perfect eye-contact succeeds

We all would rather have fuller eyelashes. But you do not necessarily have to go to the beautician. Even with a simple mascara you can make your eyelashes lighter.
Mascara mix
Sometimes a mascara simply is not enough to achieve the desired effect. With a mascara mix it can look quite different. For the full-eyelash look, a mascara is the base coat that separates the eyelashes. On top of this you put on another eyelash, which gives more volume. And finished is the style for the eyelashes.
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The right movement
When you apply mascara, there is a trick to bend the eyelashes automatically upward. This makes the eyelashes look fuller and longer. To do this, place the mascara at the bottom of the eyelash and move it slightly to the left and right. The eyelash scrub is distributed perfectly and separates the individual eyelashes at the same time. Then pull the brush up into the tips of your eyelashes. You can also use the eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes upwards.
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Both sides make up
Do you apply your mascara on the eyelashes? Then you should try this trick. For lighter eyelashes you should also cover the eyelashes from behind with mascara. To do this, close the eye and apply the color to the eyelids pointing downwards. It may be helpful to put a cosmetic towel under your eyelashes so that the color does not come to the face.


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