5 beauty uses of petroleum jelly we bet you did not know

In fact, there are six intelligent and alternative uses of petroleum jelly that you can include in your beauty routine. See also here. We also found 5 others that really seemed very practical to your everyday beauty so we would not be right if we kept them secret and did not share them together

He therefore noted:

Vaseline is ideal for …
1. Turn off your smokey eye makeup

It’s a favorite night laugh, practical, easy to apply but difficult in the make-up process, as you have spread a large amount of shade and mascara that hardly leaves with a simple de-make up lotion. If you put a small amount on the eyelids and in the area under the eyes and rubbing carefully, then you will see how much easier you get rid of.

2. To make your perfume hold a little longer

Spread on your wrists and in the area behind your ears a little amount of Vaseline and then spray your scent. It will not evaporate the smell from you even if you spend many hours.

3. To give tension to your eyelashes

Before you fall for sleep, put a small amount on your lashes. During the night, petroleum jelly will penetrate your eyelashes and feed them. With the eyebrow brush, you have stretched enough petroleum jelly on your eyelids and left it! In the morning, run out with a tap of water to see its beneficial results.

4.To remove the black spots from the T zone

For example, stretch petroleum jelly to your nose if you show up the unattractive black babies you want to get rid of. Take a piece of transparent jelly and place it on top. About 20 ‘. When you remove it, you will see that it has come to the surface of the skin on its own. With two handkerchiefs and sterile (meaning) hands, push to remove them completely. Then wash your face with the soap you are used to.

5. To give glow to your cheekbones

A small amount of petroleum jelly as the final finish of your makeup on the cheekbones, that is, the bones that are high on your face, near the temple height will “work” like a highlighter.


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