5 things we’ve learned from the best make-up artists
These tips and tricks from the best of the best in terms of make-up we take from now on to heart

To create a perfect make-up, we can watch countless tutorials on YouTube – or listen to the best of the best. Because if not the make-up artists of the stars have the most valuable tips in make-up for us, who then? After all, celebrities on the red carpet always look very good.
These tips are from now on:

1. Do not fill your eyes …

… unless you want to create a cat-eye look. To give the kjal pencil or eyeliner into the water line makes your eyes look smaller. Decide for the so-called “tightlining”. For this purpose, you will draw the line of your lower eyelids (ie the interstices) from the inside outwards. This has the effect that your eyelashes look fuller! For this, however, you should not use a liquid eyeliner, but rather a Kajal pencil.

2. Allow to adjust false eyelashes

If you like to wear false eyelashes, you should not have to resort to any drugstore. They do not fit into every eye and therefore are very artificial. Here you should have the best advice or simply try out all possible variants. Better still: Let the professional customize the perfect eyelashes for you. These are mostly very high-quality, so they last longer and look super-natural! Also a possibility are lash extensions. Here you can have individual eyelashes in your beautysalon, which always last about a month.

3. Do not apply your foundation to the entire face

Who does not know this? The foundation and / or the concealer are applied and the makeup is already fixed in the skin. Fixing sprays or powders can counteract this. Experts say, however, that the real trick is to apply the Foundation very thinly and only in certain areas to cover rednesses and co. A beauty blender helps very well to apply the color very thin and targeted. If you blind the whole thing well, you will get a great result – without any color in the wrinkles.

4. The right lighting is the key

The make-up artists of the stars say: Perfect makeup only succeeds when applied in natural light. Say: In front of a bright window. Unnatural light can lead to you applying too much of the good. In daylight, your make-up suddenly suddenly seems quite different. The differences can be quite strong!

5. Red lips deflect

If you do not have much time for a perfect make-up in the morning, concentrate on the base: first remove the redness and create a smooth skin. Reminder: Less product is more! Once that is done, wear a conspicuous lip color – red always goes, for example! But what for? Even if your make-up is not perfect, the lipstick will straighten it and your overall look will shine (despite time deficiency)!


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