Almond Oil: 4 natural recipes for every beauty need

It is considered to be one of the most “miraculous” and economical oils in our beauty routine, which can be used both in skin care and in our hair with unique results. Below, you will find 4 simple natural recipes for each beauty need.

– For make-up

If you are getting married from make-up products, almond oil is the perfect and inexpensive natural solution that will remove even the most “heavy” or waterproof make-up products while also nourishing your eyelashes.

– As a lip balm for your dry and dehydrated lips

All you have to do is mix well in a clean bowl a tablespoon of coconut oil, 3 drops of almond oil and one drop of vitamin E oil. Do not forget to spread the mixture on your lips on a regular basis.

-Musque for healthy and shiny hair

In addition to the skin, almond oil contributes to the proper moisturizing and hair health, preventing problems such as dandruff or even the blade at the edges. To treat the first one, just take a few drops of tee trea oil and almond oil into your shampoo, while for the second (broken edges) you can spread the almond oil directly to the ends of your hair.

-For long, strong lashes

Our lashes do not differ much from the hair on our scalp. Therefore, the same nutritional ingredients of almond oil that benefit our hair can also make miracles in our lashes! All you have to do is sink a clean mascara brush into the almond oil (just before you sleep or in your spare time) and apply it to your eyelashes as you would with mascara.


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