Apply mascara: The most common mistakes

Beauty – The right direction, with the right movement, after the right preparation: When applying mascara, something can go wrong. Bet that you also make a few of the most common mistakes?

Apply mascara only from below
So that the eyelashes are completely covered by the mascara, you should also shower them from above. Especially if you have light lashes. First up, then down. Thus the lashes do not lose their shape.
Use the eyelash curls at the wrong time
The eyelash curler should always be used before applying the mascara – not afterwards. The lashes might break. (You generally find your eyelashes too short?) We have tested different methods to lengthen eyelashes.)
The wrong movement when applying
Brushing up and down the brush in the envelope can bring air and bacteria into the mascara. This makes them dry up faster. Better: Insert the brush, turn it briefly in one direction and then pull it out again.
No primer
In your eyes, mascara basically runs or leaves small black spots on the skin? This is especially often the case with oily / greasy skin. Use a primer or concealer on your eyelid. So the skin does not take the mascara so fast.
Apply several layers of mascara
Mascara should not be applied again – such as lipstick. If you do not have time to completely remove the make-up and renew it, leave it with the second layer of mascara.
Use old mascara
Your mascara is older than six months? Then nothing like in the garbage with it. As long as a mascara does not go through. Furthermore, our eyes are very sensitive and the mascara could be contaminated after three months for an application in the eye. (Read more about the durability of cosmetics.)
Use brush only horizontally
In order to optimally clean even the smallest hairs, you should use the brush of your mascara not only vertically but also horizontally. So you better get to the roots of your eyelashes.
Lumps on the brush
If your mascara tends to become lumpy at the end of the brush, brush the brush briefly with a piece of handkerchief or toilet paper before using the mascara.
Do not leave mascara dry enough
Do you have long eyelashes and therefore always leave mascara on your eyelid? After applying, look for a few seconds and let the mascara dry. So nothing can go wrong.
They always look straight ahead
When applying mascara, you should look down with your eyes when you brush the upper hairs. Go upwards if you brush your eyelashes from below. Look with the eyes also times to the right and left to cover all hairs optimally with mascara.


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