Beauty tips from our mothers
Proven or secret beauty tips are often passed on from mother to daughter, as is often the case with recipes. We have listened to you in the editorial office and give you the beauty tips from the mothers of our editors here

Steam bath for the face
“My mother gave me the advice to make regular facial baths in the puberty, to make pimples and impure skin disappear quickly. I cook water with camomile flowers one to two times a week and leave the face for about 10 to 15 minutes to sweat.
Anna-Lena Preinfalk, picture editor
Always wear sunscreen
“My mother always said to me: ‘Always wear sunscreen!’ The UVA rays responsible for the aging of the skin are unfortunately always present, even in the cloudy sky, so I always use a daily cream and / or foundation with at least SPF 30. ”
Nina Zeller, beauty editor
Never give up Rouge
“When I was younger and had little experience with makeup and beauty products, I always went to my mother’s bath and she gave me a blush on her cheeks. She always said that Rouge gives freshness and a radiant complexion. Like my mother, I never give up on Rouge. ”

Less is more
“My mother always reminds me that with beauty products less can sometimes be more. Sometimes I took a little less deep into the cosmetics cabinet (which is rather rare than a beauty editor), she immediately notices it and enjoys the natural look , But she would never do without one product: mascara – so that your eyes radiate. ”
Verena Lederer, beauty editorial
Make-up remover do not forget
“My mum always said to me, ‘Always make-up, no matter how late you get home and how tired you are, otherwise wrinkles.'”
Alexandra Greineder, Moderedaction
Facial cleanser
“From my mother, I took over the fact that I always face my face in the morning and before going to bed, and I’ve been doing it for ten years.”
Saskia Stöcker, Textressort


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