Beauty tips that you should not neglect either the weekend!

Read what exactly you should not do and try to keep the following tips firmly in your beauty program.

Learn 6 bad habits that burden your skin and you need to stop them immediately or eliminate them from your beauty routine if you want to have a healthy, bright and fresh face.

1. Do not sleep painted

Sleep is particularly beneficial to your skin … but not if you fall on your pillow without first doing a proper makeup and cleansing. Resource closes and sebum can even cause infection!

Finally, include the scrub in your beauty routine
As we grow older, more and more dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin. You should take care 2-3 times a week to use an exfoliating product so that the pores can be opened and the beneficial properties of the moisturizing cream can be penetrated – which means – you do not forget to apply every day.

Use sunscreen throughout the season, more than once a day
The sunscreen action lasts for up to 2 hours … you did not know it … Now that you learned it, however, take care to renew it often. Ultraviolet rays are lurking even at the office break when you are flying for lunch or when you get into your car to come home. In order not to spoil your makeup, buy a sunscreen in a compact powder form.

Do not forget to wash well and sterilize your makeup brushes
With their very first use or when exposed to air, they collect bacteria, which the next time they are dying will re-enter the face. Try to clean them once a week.

If you have acne do not eat much chocolate
Scientific research shows that foods with a high glycemic index such as white bread and sugar can cause acne and pimples. Correspondingly, however, beans and fruits, for example, having a low glycemic index do not cause the above problem. This does not mean you will never again eat sweet and chocolate, just limit them.

Try to drink as much water as possible


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