Begin by yourself!

The following words were written in the tomb of an Anglican Bishop on the cloaks of the Abbey of Westminster:

When I was young and free
and my imagination had no limits,
I was dreaming to change the world.
As I grew up somewhat
and I gained more knowledge,
I discovered that the world is not changing,
so I just limited my goal
and I decided to change my home country only.

But she also seemed unstoppable.

Reaching the dawn of my life,
in a last desperate attempt,
I am pleased with the effort
to save only my family,
those who were closest to me
but, unfortunately, they did not even want to hear.

And now lying down as I am
in the bed of death,
suddenly I realize:
if I only changed myself first,
I would also change my family
with my example.

With their own inspiration and encouragement, perhaps I managed to make my country better, and, who you know, maybe I would even change the world.


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