Business success

When knowledge, passion and passion meet creativity!

By contributing to the development of entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial mindset and thinking, I consider it useful to highlight and codify some of the key points of the contributions presented at the recent, very interesting event for entrepreneurship organized by the Protasis Network in Kozani on Wednesday 28 September 2011 .

Congratulations, both to the organizers of the event, for their practical interest in the development of the region, as well as to the entrepreneurs, Mr. Tzimika, Kourela, Ditsios and Hartman, who accepted the invitation of the network and presented in a very lively and informative manner their business path and experience, highlighting the positive aspects and prospects of entrepreneurship.

Congratulations, too, to Professor Doxiades, who accepted the proposal to attend the event, and who with concrete elements and arguments from both the academic and entrepreneurial side emphasized the need to turn Greek society towards entrepreneurship.

During the event, the four valued entrepreneurs presented their business and business activities. They mentioned what they did and how they reached their business in their current successful form, highlighting the technical part of entrepreneurship. But back from the technical part, one could distinguish the most important part of the entrepreneur’s psychology, which is the starting point and the driving force of entrepreneurship.

He could distinguish mental qualities and mental resilience, such as courage, loyalty, integrity, honesty, patience, perseverance, boldness, insight, initiative, adaptability, flexibility, positive thinking, positive action, elements essential to the pursuit of successful entrepreneurship.

As all four entrepreneurs have pointed out, entrepreneurship is not a short-term goal, but it is a journey, a long-term destination. They all started with a vision, watching away and having clear goals and orientations about where and how they want to reach. All of them are committed to what they do and they are constantly thinking about how to improve. They all started out from small production units and then, learning the job and acquiring knowledge, experiences and skills, developed.

This is an encouraging message for those who are reluctant or discouraged to attempt, thinking that they should start from the outset with large productive units and funds. It is also an important message for the impatient, who think that success comes immediately. First you learn, you first step on your feet and then grow and succeed!

And you are progressing step by step, methodically, based on the business plan. That’s how they started and so all successful businessmen start all over the world! An important point to all the rapporteurs was the issue of quality and innovation. It was the “magic” words and concepts that were heard most of the time and which are the basic prerequisites for success.

Apart from the positive aspects of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs also mentioned the daily difficulties and obstacles encountered and continue to meet. As they have pointed out, they accept and treat them as part of everyday life, they see them as challenges that instead of disappointing and discouraging them, they reinforce their determination and arm them with more courage, patience and perseverance to achieve their goal.

One point that deserves particular attention is that, although all four entrepreneurs are university graduates, none of them deals with the subject they studied. All of them deal with the realization of their business idea, the realization of the dream, what inspires them, what they believe in, what they are good at, creating passion, motivating them, and keeping them in constant alertness. A very important message to those graduates remains inactive, considering that they must definitely work on the subject they studied.

All the above highlights reflect the character and mentality of successful entrepreneurs. They prove that a businessman is not born, but you are! And you are becoming more and better, the more you are informed, the more you try and the more you work! Guaranteed success does not exist! Success comes when knowledge, passion and passion meet creativity! You believe, you dare, you try, you try and you succeed!


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