Communication: How do you express yourself?

Those who have studied communication (communicologists, sociologists, psychologists) have agreed that 30% of a word is spoken by the speaker.

How do we judge if we like or dislike the voice? From the speed with which he speaks, he appears to be in a hurry to talk to you either because he does not have time or is stressed. From the tone of the voice, if it is crumbling, wild, velvet or partisan. From the tone of the voice and from the intensity. Some even believe that the stronger they speak, the greater their influence. But all they can do is try to impose on others.

If you want to increase the influence your voice has, the recipe is to talk slowly, low-loudly, with a sweet voice, pausing.

Similarly, we interpret 40% of the person’s speech as the speaker, and the remaining 20% ??comes from “body language” that is posture and gestures. Only 10% is the emphasis we give to the content of the reasons. That is why we often do not bother what the other person tells us, but his way.

That is, in everyday oral speech, when one speaks to us, we interpret what it says in 90% of the person’s style, the characteristics of his voice, the attitude of his body and only 10% of his words. Here we understand how we really get and send messages.


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