Communication: How to listen better

The more we know someone, the less carefully we hear him.
Giorgos Pinderis (Psychologist / author) states that this is in part a normal phenomenon. The more you know the other, the more easily you anticipate it, so in most cases, you predict what it will tell you, but that does not mean that you expect it to be 100% right, if you have a natural inclination and talent, For the remaining 15%, your bias prevents you from listening to it carefully. There is a loss of play between companions, parents and children, siblings, colleagues, friends and a whole lot of other close relationships.
The first requirement for being a good listener is to have good hearing. The second is to have time and time to hear the other. If you do not have one, better to say it from the beginning. The third condition is when your other person talks to be “really” with him. You listen to him carefully without rehearsing what you will answer. The fourth and last condition is to be able to make him understand that you feel it. “We also need to understand whether the other is willing to talk to us or not, so we do not want him to expand if and when he does not want to.


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