Online Stores: An online store (e-shop) is the term used to refer to someone on a site through which various types of sales are made. Some auction platforms also offer online store systems.

The Revolution of Informatics has significantly changed the way people live, bringing about a series of changes that also affect business. These changes can be a major weapon in the hands of businesses that want to meet the demands of a new environment characterized by ever-changing conditions, internationalization and intensification of competition, and so on. The companies that will “survive” in the competition are those that at the present time will make strategic choices for integrating new technologies into their practices. Previously, this incorporation included only the electronic presentation of the stores, but not all of them, and moreover, there was no possibility of direct ordering of some kind.

E-Business refers to doing business via the Internet and is to adapt the classic business model to the new e-reality or to develop a new Internet-only business model.

As Bill Gates has said: “The Internet is not just another sales channel. It will transform your business. The future business will operate with a digital nervous system. ” In short: Sales to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Thus, online stores are being developed internationally, offering thousands of products that promise lower prices per day. Depending on the offered items, the prospective customer can look among the likes of the particular item he wants, learn the price and the shipping time (if ordered), see it in pictures (sometimes in video) and also makes relative price comparisons.

Prices in online stores are cheaper because such a store does not have high-rent outlets, it does not employ the same staff as a conventional one, and it is “open” on a 24-hour basis and 365 days a year. The prospective customer can still find and order items that do not exist in his conventional city or country stores and he can pay through his credit card or through the use of cash on delivery or Paypal.

Transaction Security: The problems originally caused by the interference of malicious users and the interception of credit card information have been largely resolved, so the internet transaction has become much safer than in the past. Today, the two types of reliable security technologies available for online purchases are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction).

When dealing with online stores, SSL can be used to protect the secrecy of transactions. Encryption secret is provided for the “channel” of the transaction between the customer and the merchant. When the transaction is really confidential, the corresponding security logo, such as lock, should appear in the browser window and the URL has changed from http: // path … to https: // path … HTTPS is a secure form of known Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), to ensure the exchange of information between the browser and the Web server.

SET technology was developed to identify and authenticate identity between dealers and consumers before an electronic transaction. In particular, it provides confidentiality and integrity of the critical information transmitted but also certifies that the trader can accept credit card transactions through co-operation from an economic organization and also certifies that the cardholder is really the legitimate and genuine user of the account. SET was created by Visa and MasterCard.

Customer and Shop Issues: According to the European Consumer Centers Network, most businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses that are active through or through e-commerce, do not have the desired levels of profitability.

One factor is the customer’s fear that the product they will eventually receive does not fully meet their expectations because there is no direct contact with the product produced but also what guarantees will actually be provided by an online store for the product in relation to a traditional store neighborhood where there is direct communication and contact with the good.

In most cases Internet users who visit online stores use them only for information (new products, prices, comparison, etc.) and if there are any products that they want to buy from the traditional shops.

One factor is the users’ fear of using credit cards as well as the dissatisfaction with not disclosing a personal profile, such as consumer habits
Poor design, unintended updating, and difficult to navigate the e-shop have the effect of discouraging potential prospective customers.

A 2005 survey of the European Consumer Centers Network on E-commerce, one in three orders made on products that were never delivered to consumers. In particular, in Greece, 49% of the complaints received by the Center concerned non-delivery of ordered products, while 22% related to the delivery of defective products or products that did not meet the specifications agreed by the customer-trader.

Typically the information that an e-shop must provide to its consumers to be credible should include:

Identity of the merchant
Ways to communicate with the e-shop both electronically and in a conventional way
Final price of the product or service including VAT and shipping costs
Product Warranty and After Sales Service
Time of delivery of the product
Payment and delivery methods
How to cancel your order in the event of an error or change of opinion
Information on the protection of personal sensitive data

Branches of online stores: The areas covered by online stores are almost all retail sectors. You can find online supermarkets, grocery stores, jewelery shops, bookstores, electronics stores, electrical appliances, clothing, etc. There are also shops offering services such as e-banking, e-banking, hotels and restaurants, etc., as well as online gambling shops.

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