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Why do so many companies dry up before they even feel the sense of success? This has nothing to do with lack of clientele, neither with the economic situation (in general) nor with competition, nor that the business idea was not good. With little determination and intent all these reasons can easily be overcome.

The real challenge is this invisible sensation, which holds entrepreneurs from the beginning of their existence. The [any] economic crisis and disorder, is an integral part of business life. Maybe so a few entrepreneurs are dealing with the phenomenon. Crisis and disorder make the entrepreneur’s dreams come true either in nightmares or in successes, especially if the entrepreneur himself does not take the necessary action to become successful.

As an entrepreneur, you know what efforts and efforts are required to run a business in the world of business. Every week you have to produce, sell products and services, pay bills, manage the staff, deal with angry but also good customers, refresh the warehouse, make public relations, see customers, communicate with banks and other agencies, promote the business, raise money from debts, communicate with the outside world, respond to letters, messages, etc. In a nutshell, somehow you have to organize yourself to accomplish all that is required for your well-being and growth.

The eternal demand for businesses, whether large or small, but also freelancers is to find ways to increase their income. At least in so many years I have supported dozens of businesses, I have not found a business to be content with the level of income it generates. Strange? Of course, due to the economic downturn, this issue is more timely than ever. I present you 5 direct and effective ways to create extra income directly and simply.

For you, whether you are a business owner, or a freelance service provider or a member of the creative community (photographer, graphic designer, developer, jeweler etc.), whether you work from home or have a store or office, these are some ways you can use to work and earn in a beautiful and efficient way even in supposedly difficult economic times. Besides, as long as I remember myself in the economics of at least “times are always difficult” and even out of war and disasters. People are looking for excuses for their laziness or their failure, and these excuses are timeless the same.

Five ways to raise income

1. Inform the public about n.1 on your sales product or service

It is certain that although your biggest selling product is relatively familiar, there are people on the market or your mail list who have not bought it. Sure, there are people in the market who do not even know the existence of this product. Sometimes, the only way to generate extra income is to re-project and resell the “heavy artillery” of your business. Surely you have to find ways to enrich your email list, which you must use in smart ways.

2. Make a beta test with the product or program that you have in mind and want to launch in time

Having things in your mind does not help at all. Yes, you may not have the time to complete it this way as you want, or you do not have in mind the system that you will follow to sell it. I will tell you, a secret: DO NOT DO THIS !!!! Because the postponement leads to “the country of NEVER” and “Best” is the greatest enemy of “Good”. The only time he has is TIME NOW.

Make REGISTRATION of what you want to create and their basic features NOW. Then, KNOW why it is useful what you will create for your best and most loyal customers or for the part of the audience you become. Put these two together with a very powerful pitch and show it selectively to the audience you think will appreciate and buy it. These are what we say, early adopters. Give them the ability to buy it at a low price, but of high value but after receiving the necessary feedback, complete it.

3. Warn to raise your prices to a particular product or service that is first, highlighting the goodwill your audience receives.

Perhaps your best product is on the shelf for a while. If you want to give a small boost to his sales, he warned that his price will increase in the next few years. You can also do something else, write an email to customers and throughout your mail list, that the specific product will have this value for a certain amount of time and then increase its price. Also find a good, real and persuasive reason for this increase in price and publish it.

4. Pack what you already have in the warehouse and create packages of products or services that add value to your customers’ money.

They are so-called “value groups”. He grouped some products and sold them together. These can create a greater “value proposition” to your customers. B.C. if you are a jeweler, sell the necklace with earrings and bracelet cheaper than if sold separately.

5. Create small and limited partnerships / joint ventures with other professionals in the market offering value added products and services to your customers.

Entrepreneurs have become addicted to competition in partnerships with individuals and businesses in the same industry. Globalization and the opening of markets, especially via the Internet, do not favor highly competitive and selfish people. So, think smartly and lightly. See who you fit, see if working with them creates added value for your customers, and if through this collaboration sales are being promoted to both you and them. The secret here is to keep your expectations low and the terms of cooperation and the distinctive roles between you and yourself are extremely well defined.

There are smart, simple and functional ways to create extra income and to feel more financially successful, but although people with high creativity can win in a beautiful and smart way, they must not forget to do their financial planning, find ways to reduce their tax profits, to design new products and services but above all to have ways to develop and increase their income with existing products. The only way to feel confident about the progress and progress of your business is to look at it holistically or ask for a business coach to help you move with tools and methods in that direction.

There are reasonable, functional, economic, simple and effective ways to boost your sales and increase your finances with your existing products. If your finances are tight, then I advise you to follow one of the above techniques, which help you broaden your thinking and gain economic intelligence and financial success.

Large businesses are hiring hundreds of executives to do just what a businessman does on his own in order to succeed in his job and survive in the competitive market. This is the new face of the entrepreneur. The fact that the entrepreneur is alone does not mean that he will fail, it means what he has control if he is capable of taking responsibility for his actions. But it is definitely hard. Success is the purpose and should be the general rule and not the exception. The dream of freedom, time and money must be the objective.

The era of failed business efforts has made its turn and can be closed. Entrepreneurs to recognize and accept the crisis and the disorder that it brings, as a necessary challenge and not as a necessary evil. You must and force them to change. Organize, train to survive. Each door that closes is not another hit in the business world, it is a shredding in the business world and always earns the right, trained, prepared and disciplined in the business as well as in life.


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