Feeding for thought: Nietzsche’s 10 stories

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was an important German philosopher, poet, composer and philologist. He wrote critically essays on religion, ethics, culture, philosophy and science, showing a particular inclination in the use of transport, irony and aphorisms.
10 popular phrases for reflection & self-improvement:

What does not kill me makes me stronger.

Bad is the man who likes to shame others.

You have to be yourself and not the one that wants others.

The biggest art is knowing how to get off at the right time.

Since I was tired of searching, I learned to find. And ever since my wind was against me, I learned to swim with all the winds.

One forgets his mistakes when confessing to someone else. But the other does not forget them.

Doubt poison everything without killing anything.

Without music, life would be a mistake.

Freedom is the will to be responsible to oneself.

One thing is to have one: Whether it is a soul that is naturally happy or a soul that makes her work, love, art and knowledge happy.


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