Is it worth entering the curriculum or not?

Short passage from work: Is it worthwhile entering the curriculum or not?

Do you need to include jobs that lasted a few months in your past service? You have found the work of your dreams. Pleasant working environment, good collaborators and especially a job you like and you are constantly learning new things. And while everything went well, your employer is forced to stop your cooperation. A beautiful partnership, but short.

So the following question arises: Do we have to include in our CV a few months? Experience has shown that there is no reason to include “short” experiences in the curriculum.

Most CV employers tend to focus on longer-lasting jobs and through which the employee will have learned things. On the contrary, jobs that lasted for two to three months tend to “spoil” the candidate’s image, since no one can know the reasons why he left so early.

Is it true, in fact? In a world where all data is accessible and search engines can bring results that the candidate has “hidden”, the lack of seniority is not a wise solution.

It is more prudent, therefore, if you can not include it in your resume (mainly because of space) at least to report it in the interview, because if the employer “finds out” on its own it will be a matter of trust.

So if you learned a lot from your job but had to leave, you can use it as a “skill”, showing the person with whom you are interviewing your ability to manage adversity.

“Do yours”. Show how happy you are with this opportunity that was given to you even if it ended in glory. If, in fact, the former employer can give you a letter of recommendation, you can show your gratitude for this opportunity.

Even if you left for ugly reasons, keep the positive items and look at the interview.

Emphasize your position: If the position has been for a fairly short period of time, emphasize your position. For example: Marketing Specialist and the title of the project you worked on. This makes it clear that the position is short. If these cases are many, create a column with customers, ie write the title “Marketing Consultant” and below list all your collaborations.

As we have emphasized, the jobs that have been held for a while have a negative impact on employers, since a brief experience is not synonymous with knowledge and professionalism. So try to get them together.

Do not be afraid: If you left your job you had to find another one that is not related, you do not have to worry about how to present it. If you do not want this job to appear on your CV for no reason, it’s enough to say that you needed a little time for yourself to redefine your goals. Two or three months of vacancy in the resume is not such a serious problem.



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