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Follow your PASS

Money has power, empires and destroys peoples, makes some people’s dreams come true, and destroys the dreams of others. They make some people happy and some absolutely miserable and unhappy.

Today the hunting of money has been identified (at least most of the time) with the hunt of happiness, and many are the ones who will agree that money = happiness. Many times this belief leads people to follow a path that does not fit them. When they choose their career, they are often blinded by the money and end up doing something they hate.

Although the money is very nice and we all want to have them, they actually offer temporary happiness because as much money as anyone can buy time or knowledge or discrimination and all the really important. The list of what they do not buy money is enormous and I suggest that you make one of yourself to put on CRIMINAL LIABILITY the real significance and to determine what is the important and worthwhile reason and time for your life. Your Own Life.

Time is one of the most precious good and is not bought

This generation is in a sense “cursed” because because of the economic crisis jobs are not many and many are forced to do a job they hate just because they need the money that it offers them. What is the solution? Simple.

Stop searching for work-that is, slaves-and start looking for work or employment. A guide to this is their Passion, if they have it.

Working for someone to temporarily survive and to live comfortably is not bad, at the same time he is working on his Passion.

Read below some reasons why you need to follow your PATH rather than the money and make some of yours. Here at businesslife we ??have several stories of people who do just that … FOLLOW THE PASS, seek them for animation, encouragement and direction.

Slave or Independent?

Working for the money you get may seem a good incentive but it is not. Every week you work Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 and you are stressed for something you do not want to get stressed on. This is not the right way to enjoy life. Working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, in a job you do not like is something that will never make you feel better. Many people who choose a career that they hate will tell you that if they had the opportunity again they would make things completely different.

You only have one life to live. Do not waste it working somewhere you hate just because it offers you financial comfort. You can start WORKING. Remember that if your motivation is money, you can not WORK only to work you can. Take advantage of your TIME when you work, instead of wasting it.

Passion for life makes a difference.

There is nothing worse than having to get up every morning and go to a job that you have no interest in. Nevertheless, this will never concern you when you are passionate about what you are doing. When you do a job [and not a job] that fills you completely like you do not work, you feel like paying you to go well and have fun. It’s the difference between working and working.

Greater performance and much better ideas.

Surely even when you do the work of your dreams there are days when you feel that you do not want to get out of your bed. These days are even worse and are much more common when you do something that does not delight you at all. By doing what you like, you leave fast behind you these days and enjoy those that give you enormous pleasure and satisfaction. Beyond that you are more likely to have more creative ideas ..

Nothing overpowers Passion

Making money and making anything is not going to make you persecute the feeling that you’re doing something you hate. There are people who make a lot of money working all day. Many of them are worried about what they do, but they have become so used to it and have become one with it, so they feel they have no choice. This hatred for work soon leads them to great anxiety and health problems, fortunately they have money to scatter to prescribers and hospitals.

There is no time in Passion

You are more positive about making up until late. When you do what pleases you to work a few hours more, you do not feel as displeased as you hate the job. That’s because when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you do not feel like pushing you to do something you do not want. Time is totally non-existent when you are passionate. You can only understand this if you have a PASS at work, it is not something that they impart to a string of words.

Passion equals “non-existent” obstacles

No obstacle will stop you from succeeding. When you really enjoy what you do, it will not stop you from achieving your goal. You have so much passion in what you do that nothing can stand in to achieve amazing things in your workplace, in your personal life since when you’re good at your job is definitely reflected in your daily life and your relationships, is reflected throughout the Universe.

Obstacles will exist, it is the Law of the Universe of Material that we are in, but the right use of TIME that you only achieve with Passion in dealing with you, makes the obstacles “non-existent”

This is the basic mistake of those who are looking for a job, they do not have Passion and they are comfortable with the crumbs flying from the table. If you open a small newspaper with a well-intentioned mood and Passion, you find work the same day. It has been done in a number of difficult times and in a few dozen countries on the planet that I found myself at times. I was looking for a job, not a career, but with Passion.

So you understand how funny and graphic they are those who say with a lot of stupidity “I am two years unemployed” with the sparkling look of the mad cow. If the remarks are obvious, not Passion, but not even Life, they do not. Do not let them keep you locked in their misery and the familiar psychotic “all together at the bottom”

The best and most paid work on the planet is SELLER’s work, have you seen a seller without Passion? Also the most powerful Passion is what is NOT FOUND. So all these memets of misfortune that galloping across the various MLM systems are simply robotic slaves who chase not their passion but a carrot. The carrot of money. It is obvious from their results and from their communication.

Follow your PASS, even in an ephemeral job, this will yield you whatever you need and what else is necessary to accomplish your goals.

Io Anagnostou: excerpt from the book “The Master of the Game”

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