Pulling the perfect eyelid with dental floss: That’s how it works
Getting a pull-out eyeliner is not so easy. This beauty blogger, however, has a genius trick, by which the application of eyeliner to the children’s play

The beauty blogger Sugar Ann from New York City excited just with an Instagram post much look in the beauty world. In seconds, she conjures a perfect eyeliner. We’ll give you the trick.
Eyeliner trick
For the perfect eyeliner stroke, the blogger, who is found on Instagram under the name “iamsugarcoated”, uses a dental floss stick. You can buy this in any drug store for little money. With an eyeliner gel, she paints the tip of the stick and presses it into the place where the eyeliner is to be placed. Be careful, however, as the tips of the floss sticks are sharp.
By the way: You can also pull a great eyelid with a hairpin.
We are impressed and will try the trick also times. Convince yourself: In the video, the Vloggerin shows the trick.


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