Self-improvement comes through self-acceptance

Self-improvement comes through self-acceptance

Change your life! Learn to say no! Live your passion! Live the moment! Think positive! There are so many stimuli around us that prompt us to make changes in our everyday life, our personality, our character. There are many people who find inspiration and support by reading the very useful tips, and prompting them to push them into action for a “better” life.

But what’s behind the term “better”? There is the silent assumption that your life is not good enough now. And you will tell me “slowly the new one!” And I will tell you: “Does a significant part of the problem hide right there? Does the fact that you believe that your life is not good enough makes it unsatisfactory? By itself, as a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy? ”

Here you will be protesting by saying, “I do not get it out of my mind. There is pain in my life. There is a lot of trouble. Even intense. There is anxiety and stress. I have problems in my relationships. I am alone. I really want to improve my life. ”
I will not put it down, you know. “And who told you that true life has no pain and sorrows and anxiety and stress. Who told you that true life involves relationships without problems. Who told you that in real life you will not find yourself alone?

In real life, not in the lives of movies that all live well in the end, people are hurt and saddened. And they say a lot of “yes” before they say “no”. And they do not only think positively. AND DOES NOT EXPERIENCE. This is the nature of life. This is the nature of man … As long as you struggle within yourself and expect another life, a fantastic life, a life against human nature, this struggle is the main factor that causes you the discomfort that you undoubtedly experience.

It’s just the same feeling of inadequacy that you may feel about your body in front of a gym poster. You can work out to make the poster’s body, but you probably will not get the same result. And that can easily make you quit trying and feel even worse for yourself. It is the same feeling of inadequacy that you will feel when you fail to follow a strict diet and resign as “nothing works for you …”

“What are you telling me now?” You will ask me bewildered. “Do I have to accept that my life will be so bad? Do nothing and passively accept what happens to me? It does not make sense to me what I hear. ” My answer is a big NO. I think it would help you see your life as it is. Like a normal life, which makes it harder for you at this stage. Like all lives, all people. It’s not your life’s bad. It is a life like all of us. If you manage to do this, then you will be able to release emotional resources to try to change it in a way that you will love even more.

As long as you fight, you sink so much into it. As if you were on moving sand. In the moving sand, what you have to do is stay still. Only then will you be able to see calmly that you will be able to escape. Perhaps a root nearby, or a branch, can help you to get out. If you struggle with the fact that you are in the moving sand, however, all you can do is get in even more.

A prerequisite for taking action to change your life is to try to give space to what is happening to you, to co-operate. Do not blame you for what you pull. Not to create expectations that everything should be different and compare to these expectations. Comparison is the main reason you are retiring. In the example of the gym, if you reconcile with your body then you can choose to exercise not from inadequacy but from love for something you will still love.

And then, on the one hand, you will stop feeling so bad, but it is far less likely to give up your effort. And if you choose not to exercise, it does not matter. As you will be reconciled with your body, you will not feel the discomfort you have felt so long. So if you do not have self-improvement, it does not matter. Make a gift of self-acceptance to yourself this Christmas. Because you deserve it…!


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