The benefits of the herb of the palm of Mary

The herb of the palm of Mary from the herbs created by God Almighty and made in it many benefits for women and men but more useful for women.


This herb is grown widely in the countries of the East and Central Asia, and is widely used in treatment because of its ability to heal many diseases. It works to reduce the symptoms of women in menopause, and helps to treat the hormonal imbalance and disorders of functions that accompany the menstrual cycle. Not only does this also increase ovulation rates in women and treat infertility. It also helps in the treatment of insect bites and the elimination of its effects, and helps to increase the amount of milk for the nursing mother.


Benefits of Mariam herb for menstrual cycle
It is known that the menstrual cycle is accompanied by some pain in the chest, back and abdomen in addition to depression caused by a defect in the hormones during this period of each month. Mariam’s herb works to reduce all these symptoms as well as to eliminate the accumulation of blood accumulated in the uterus. It also works to expel rotten blood and leave the uterus clean.

Take a small amount of this herb and then boiled in water, drink twice a day during this period it works to reduce the pain resulting from the menstrual cycle and cleaning the uterus.

The benefits of Mary’s palm herb for pregnancy
This herb has many benefits for pregnant women and reduce exposure to abortion. When you keep drinking before pregnancy, you increase the rate of ovulation as well as cleaning the uterus from the blood aggregates accumulated inside. It also works on treating infertility when taken for seven consecutive months to ensure pregnancy. Herpes palm herb also works to increase women’s milk production after birth. It works to calm the woman’s mood and reduce constipation during pregnancy. This herb also facilitates the process of delivery at the end of pregnancy, but with a doctor.

Sprinkle plenty of dry herb and put it in water from the previous night until the next morning and drink a cup of it every day.

The benefits of Mary’s herb herb to combat menopause
Menopause is the age that women reach after a period of menstruation, where frequent hormonal disturbances, in addition to physical fatigue and fatigue, hot flashes, loss of sexual desire in addition to dry vagina. Therefore, the palm of Mary’s herb is used to get rid of all these symptoms associated with menopause by making tea from this herb. Just put a teaspoon of Mary’s powder in a cup of boiling water and leave for a quarter of an hour, then drink it 3 times a day

The benefits of Mary ‘s palm herb for men
The palm of the palm of Mary is called the name of the monks’ herb. This name was given to it because when used by men it reduces their sexual desire. In addition, this herb has a property in the treatment of prostate enlargement and also addresses the side effects of urinary tract congestion.

Damaged palm of the palm of Mary
When excessive use of this herb in excess, there are several symptoms, including stomach upset in addition to feeling dizzy and nausea. Excessive use also leads to excessive weight gain, and a rash occurs. In the case of the wife’s artificial insemination, it is necessary to refrain from drinking this herb because it leads to the opposite result. In the case of the person who is suffering from mental illness and the use of medical drugs, this herb leads to a bad effect on the substance of dopamine, which exists in the human brain, so should not be used in this case. Pregnant women who take the drugs for pregnancy should stop eating the herb of the palm of Mary because they have a negative effect on hormones.


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