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The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips

Mini-effort, mega-effect: With these five simple tricks you cheat on each other a few years younger

1. Fresh fragrance
Would you have thought of that? Perfumes with fresh or flowery head marks give the wearer a youthful touch. Gravity, on the other hand, makes us seem rather old and sluggish. How beautiful that these new fragrances are full on Flower Power, below you can see our favorites for the Nachshoppen.
Already knew? Jogging is anti-aging for the brain.

2. Fruits for breakfast
True beauty comes from within. That is why when you start your day, you never have to give up fresh fruit. They are full of antioxidants and are a real power weapon in the fight against premature aging. The new Smoothie Bowls are particularly delicious and healthy, and we will tell you the best recipes here.

3. Light tan
Noble pallor? Well. A gently tanned complexion then appears fresher and healthier. Unprotected tanning during the summer is however out – and sun protection duty. The UV rays are so aggressive that they damage the sensitive facial skin and promote the aging process. It is best to use a light-tinted, matting moisturizer, such as Resist Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30 from Paula’s Choice (approx. 38 Euro). Psst: With Paula’s Choice you can now save 15% on all products with the code SUMMER17 – without minimum order value. The promotion is valid from 14 June to 1 July and can not be combined with other promotions.

4. Concealer
Dark shadows? Thus, everyone is fighting and tired. Join us with our favorite beauty invention, the Concealer. The covering cream is applied under the eyes and the shadows disappear. The result: your complexion and your looks are more alert – and thus younger – than ever.
By the way: There is also anti-aging for the hair.

5. Make-up remover
Last but not least: the skin recuperates during the night. In order not to interfere with this regeneration process, you should never dispense with removing make-up, no matter how tired you are. After cleansing, you can refresh the skin with a facial water and gently massage an anti-aging night cream. So the next morning you wake up much fresher. Perhaps that will save you even the concealer.


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