The game of money

What is really money? Why are they all involved in this?

Why all the people have been praying for centuries now and why it was called “unfair mummy” What is “behind” behind it and why the whole modern building of societies and states is based on it, whether it will exist, whether it will dry up if will it end if it disappears? Why are they shaking the stock exchanges and blowing up prices on every jar, fame, information, natural disaster, fuel prices, etc? Why are everyone referring to the banks, especially the Central Banks, as the foundations of the whole economy?

Why are they terrified in mass media, that if the banks are shut down, the economy will collapse? What’s the economy? Which banks and what or what and how many of what banks do? Because I do not deal with banks, like most people, I’m happy about my finances and my transactions. By saying “I” I am not referring only to myself but to a relatively large group of people, who have decided to use the banks instead of using them, as is the right, logical and interest.

Money is one of those things in life that keeps the brain of most people busy, like anything else in the world, along with sex! Few things are just as influential as money, except perhaps from human relationships, genuine love and physical manifestation – through the body – of some of these relationships. If you accidentally ask someone or someone, what would be his or her greatest desire, the chances of answering: “Having a huge amount of money” is very much increased.

Money is a sensitive point for many, a subject touching sensitive chords in the soul of millions of people. When the conversations revolve around it, many change the subject, others blush, some feel uncomfortable, some “get sick” while others are excited, some dream and plan on it, some others chase it mercilessly without compassion for their fellow men and some times or even to themselves!

Others hated it, others loved it, some attracted to them without difficulty, some others chased it for life, but it left them. In fact, almost all people do not know what money is, so almost everyone has a limited perception. They think there is a certain amount of money globally or in their own country. This perception, however, stems from limited and wrong theories, a self-fulfilling phenomenon, or a “vicious circle”!

In essence, the lack of money is simply a utopia, stemming from the limited perception of reality and the incomplete knowledge of the economic system. In short, there can be no money limitation, money is bound by its nature to be unlimited, endless and moving! The issue is serious and needs thorough and thorough understanding to avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings, especially in our “funded” century. However, it is primarily up to everyone to try to change their perceptions, open their horizons and accept some principles.

Because awareness of the phenomenon of money is of the utmost importance, we must all now take a look at the data that we have had so far, demolish old perceptions and understand openly the new data, which, unfortunately or fortunately, our financial situation!

When you believe and feel that “something is not enough” then that will be your reality! You will create a reality where nothing is enough.

If you realized that nothing was limited, but abundant, if you realized that everything in this Creation was abundant, would you dive to the source (!) Yes or no? For this reason, we must all be prepared for the truth of numbers and the logic of money when it is demonstrated by evidence and evidence.

In fact, there is – and you are experiencing – the lack of money because you have sucked the mind that there is a lack of it, especially when this information has been given to you by a guru of economics, and even when the finance minister himself says that ” there is a crisis and a lack “you are almost obliged to believe it. But things are far from this practice.

There are already many stories and inaccuracies in the world that do not help but mislead, deliberately and with deceit or naivety. These stories, fictions or theories of others (primarily economic and socially secondary in nature) may seem real and tempting in the first instance, but are they in practice?

If, for example, the Guru “expert” economist develops economic theories in the evening news bulletins about the crisis that plagues the country, too many of the viewers believe him, without thinking, against any logic and no doubt! Since he is a “specialist” he tells you something else he will know. And because he is an “expert”, the mass of people will believe it, without bothering to explore to learn, to a much greater extent than is reasonable!

We must all understand that truth is not always enjoyable, especially when it is necessary to look at ANALYSIS OF LOVE, and this is accomplished with the complete “opening” of the mind, in the well-known saying: “The human mind is like a parachute to operate must be opened “. It is easier, more relaxed and unpredictable to believe than to research and to know. What do you say this is not known about the hams that rule?

However, when it comes to the game table, the will and the knowledge, the game of money starts to look what it really is, fun, entertaining and pleasant, when you start playing it, maybe you put your own terms, some your own rules. So games are played. WHO KNOW the rules of money play and business play, they do not always win, but they enjoy the game and just play it.

However, possessing the secrets of money play and the economic system in place, they are perfectly aware of social trends and desires, they know how to handle them even better and use them if they are ignorant of you before you for you!

Thus, they surround the whole issue with boring numerologies, meaningless economic equations, charts, aeronautical statistical theories, and so on. to let them be quiet to play always against you.



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