The one trick for the perfect eyebrow styling
With this item the eyebrow styling is super easy. We would never have had this idea!

Perfectly styled eyebrows, we secretly wish we all, right? Many beauty bloggers are trying out a technique that has long been regarded as an insider tip in Hollywood. With this simple and convenient method, you can shape your eyebrows in a flash.
Soap as an eyebrow filler
In fact, a piece of soap is the secret for full eyebrows. The crazy beauty trend works quite simply: you just need an eyebrow brush and a piece of standard soap.
Wet the brush with warm water. Then brush the brush over the piece of soap so that a thin layer is applied to the bristles. Then brush your eyebrow hairs upwards. This provides for visibly fuller eyebrows. Excess soap can be dabbed with a handkerchief. Optional: If you do not feel tight enough, you can fill your brows with a pen.

Similar to eyelid gel or wax, the soap fixes the eyebrows. This keeps the look the whole day.
Extra savings tip: If you do not want to buy an extra eyebrow brush, you can also use an old mascara brush or toothbrush. Once your current mascara is exhausted, you can simply clean the brush thoroughly and continue using it for your eyebrows.


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