This mascara trick replaces the eyeliner
Do not you want to spend a lot of time in your morning make-up routine? Then just try this trick and the eye make-up is ready in no time!

Without an eyelash we leave the house rarely in the morning. The eyes look more open and masculine with mascara. For the perfect eye-contact, we often use another product: an eyeliner. But with this trick you no longer need it.
Eyelash as an eyeliner
With the right technique, eyelash scrub can also act like an eyeliner. First of all, bring your eyelashes into a swing. Then apply two to three layers of mascara. Apply to the lower eyelash edge and press the eyelashes lightly against your eyelashes. Now pull the brush through the eyelashes. The excess mascara color that accumulates between the eyelash roots has the same effect as an eyeliner. Your eyes are immediately more open.


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