Ways to become creative and to live a wonderful life

Most of us identify creativity with artistic creation, assuming that Mozart, Picasso and Tolstoy were supreme creators, but we the rest do not own this gift. Maximum error.

Written by Dimitris Bogiatzis – Founder of the Harmony & Creativity Creative Writing Center

We are all creative and we can, if we wish, develop our creativity even more, as long as we realize some things about who we really are and of course to take the appropriate action. Creativity is a divine gift that has been universally given to all people, as it is one of the three basic qualities of the human soul (the other two is development and offering). Sadly, however, it often strikes the reef of the two inner enemies of man, his fear and his “ego”.

Creativity offers us the opportunity to: a) constantly “create” the world in which we live, creating daily new (and hopefully better) situations and a new reality; and b) to devise original and innovative solutions to various challenges or problems we face . North America (USA and Canada), which is now leading the other states in all areas of human life and ruling the planet Earth, has been created from scratch (after the genocide of the Indians, of course) and within only 400 years has reached the brink of conquer the space. Penicillin was created by Fleming’s ingenuity thought out of the box to solve the problem of wound dissection.

But what are the areas in which we can develop our creativity so that we can co-create with the divine? There are many – much more than imagined someone who has not gotten into the subject – and, of course, I will only mention a few.

More specifically, we can generate ideas to open a business and stop working as employees to others (see Eleftherios Kyriakakis, founder of Mikel), to create a music band and give it a name (see Wooden Swords), for we invent a new game (like paintball), a new scientific specialization (and similar headquarters at a university), a bunch of people (like those sweet elderly people who I see in the “paranzade” in Palaio Faliro to play guitars and (such as the famous hippy community at High Ashbury, San Francisco, in the late 1960s, or our own concocted Harmony & Creativity community who, having met each other, are also organizing literary evenings in their houses).

A perfect love affair like John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the 70s, a philosophical theory like the famous devastation that gave birth to Jacques Derrida’s genius mind, a new way of writing such as the unrivaled magical realism of the shocking Gabriel Garcia Marquez , a new fruit such as kiwi (banana + strawberry), a new activity or experience such as the incredible travels of Kerouak on the US motorway 66 and the list is inexhaustible as the universe.

And if you think (wrongly) that I raise the bar very high, consider that we do not have to create something brand new: We can modify something that already exists or adapt it to our own data. All of us can change a bit of a cooked recipe, write a narrative with our own “stamp”, say some motivational speech at a meeting (click here to see my own speech at the Harmony & Creativity), think of an erotic play, surprise a loved one, etc, etc …

And because creativity resembles a brain muscle, and as we can improve body muscles by going to a gym, so we can improve our muscular creativity through intense daily practice. An essential prerequisite for this is the activation of our imagination. Let us close our eyes in a quiet place and let our mind be overwhelmed by images (or words). Then we can combine two or three images, put them in a row, give them the appropriate structure and plan the appropriate plan for the realization of the new idea. Now we are absolutely ready to build on the science.

If we want to live a shocking and exciting life, it is imperative that our creation be our daily practice. Everyday it is possible to invent ways to maintain a perfect physical state, ideally eat, work efficiently, rest properly, practice our mind, improve our spirit and soul, socialize with our fellow humans, we express our sexuality, embellish our lives.

We must not end up with atherosclerosis through the daily “small” paralysis of “I can not” and “do not”, but to make oblique dribbles in the hurdles of everyday life and to find the way to go ahead with this exhilarating journey of this wonderful life. A helping hand in this effort will be the inspiration that we will draw from creativity lessons and lessons, creativity videos on YouTube, magical landscapes of nature – our ultimate creator – that we can and must often visit and, above all, enlightened creative people, whom we must invite to our lives.

As Picasso says, we are all born artists, but school (trying to convince us that we are drawing value, security and strength from the “voula” that teachers, governments and employers put us) sheds our creativity year after year , until most of us forget that it was to be creative. To conclude with a pleasant hopeful note, we refer to the words of the great creator, an indestructible traveler, anxious thinker and spiritual leader of humanity Nikos Kazantzakis: “You have the brushes, you have the colors, painted the paradise and got inside.”


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