Wealth and Penny

Money is like dung. When it accumulates, it feeds pests and produces odor, but when it spreads to nature, it produces results and gives plenty.

The accumulation of money in the few seriously harms the health of many. Wealth and hunger are twin children of capitalism. Unmarried and unfairly roamed, such as thin and fat cows of pharaohs, as sacrifices of lambs (middle class) continue.

As long as the money gap widens, the rift of national consensus deepens. Only hunger divides homosexuals and homosexuals into two hateful enemies. People have been organized into societies to multiply their potential in the face of multiple disadvantages of individual life. Idea remains excellent • Application lapses.

Penance wakes up. The wrath is gesturing revolutions. Rational changes of situations and persons. These lead to total reformation of the system. Declarations of equality and equal status are reapplied. Wise men and gods are recruited, healing both wounds with miraculous sin, (social) Love.

In the 9th century. mc a merchant called Muhammad revolts against the chaotic injustice of pre-Islamic regimes. Every lieutenant was the heir of the local god. In the 20th century. mc Bin Laden attempts to rebuild the faithful of Islam (Islam = submission to the Prophet) against the corrupt leaders of Islamic regimes in the same region. The very birth of Islam 1,300 years ago marks the rupture of pre-Islamic Arab tradition.

Something similar happened centuries earlier when the twelve tribes of Israel passed from the Old to the New Testament and the constitutional declarations of the four Gospels. All the newest monotheistic religions teach equality and love. Brothers Apostle Paul appeals to the Christians. The same word uses Muhammad for the faithful. Comrades (brothers involved) are called by Marx.

In 1980 Bin Laden attempted to fuel the regime’s injustice in the Prophet’s home by proposing a strict and literal implementation of the Koran. This was exactly what Luther did 500 years earlier in Germany teaching Protestant fundamentalism. Religion as a social status with the “constitution” the Gospel. Why are the peoples wronged and wronged while injustice achieves sustained growth? The secret lies in the type of education. And which one is subsidized.

Education empowers lipovary brain cells to produce eternal intangible superpower. There are, however, two kinds of training. Mechanism focuses on the precise memorization and acceptance of events in order to create a set of subconscious organized mental reflexes that govern the behavior and actions of the individual.

The purpose of this is the creation of “photocopiers” production brains, trained illiterate tax evaders. Free, “reshaping” education focuses on the event. It analyzes it “to these things was synthesized.” It investigates cause and effect. And he evaluates by recombining. The first one is taught free of charge, guaranteeing admission to Greek (only) universities. Sunnis and Shiites have experienced hard experiences from the application of these educational systems. Where sharia realizes the doctrine that theology is the metaphysical foundation of the just law for (if) a uniform religious (eco) legal meaning of life.

Poverty was attributable to premature mortality. Today, “educational intelligence” helps to avoid mistakes – passions. Capitalist doctrine: “The non-working person is not here”.

But how much do these systems upgraded? Life expectancy (longevity and welfare) of a people remains the main indicator of social progress. Organized societies offer a life worth living for. People who lost their power lost years of life. In the first 10 years of the fall of existing socialism, the Russians lost 4.3 years. Since then, they are recovering, while sales of alcohol, tobacco and fat have a “mirror” reduction. Suicides also declined accordingly.

“Overall health and well-being” is a must. Physical and mental, individual and society. This is ensured through prevention and education. “Total Health” marks and rewards personal and social maturity. Reducing smoking does not require money. Stopping the cigarette offers a cash prize to the former smoker € 15,000 within five years. We all know arithmetic.

Few smokers use ‘reconstitutive’ costing of their actions. Education based on the curriculum can cause “mental blindness”, e.g. the child who sees his mother smoke easily acquits the cigarette. Other educational systems cause right-handed or left-handed strabismus or the use of the right or left lane of the road as a riding lane.

Lung cancer is primed by “cancer of the spirit”. The second is more dangerous than the former. Brain poisoning leads and precedes everything.

In India and China, the increase in exports offers plenty of money. However, child mortality, another indicator of society capable of protecting her children, reminds Greece of the 1940s. In these countries, along with the Central and South African states, foreign exchange inflows flood the pockets of a few. Malaria, cholera, tuberculosis decimate the peoples, as was the case in Greece in the ’20s.

Today, stroke and stroke mortality was significantly improved by rapid and careful anticoagulation. Therefore, the rapid transfer of the patient to highly specialized intensification becomes necessary. Usually, however, due to conditions and circulation (and in Athens and the Harvard Cardiovascular), the infarction rarely arrives early in the hospital. This advanced aggressive anticoagulation requires accurate diagnosis.

Therefore, the 120 minutes act as a dome sword. It is strange, however, that everyone is unaware that they have the ability to avoid heart attacks in the past 120 months by following simple and inexpensive ways of preventing them.

The conditions of intense social competition are detrimental to physical and mental health, favoring the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Labor or unemployment distress, economic poverty, recent divorce and depression are incriminated for psychopathological problems. Long-term unemployed in the US show a threefold number of sudden deaths. However, reality remains more complex.

Low-paid blacks in the US show the same high predisposition for infarction as in their 50s who have grown orphans. The peers who have lived near to both of their parents have a 12% lower chance of heart attack.

Often, poverty is attributable to the early loss of life. Today, it is deciphered that “educational intelligence” shields the individual, making it able to avoid mistakes – thicknesses – passions. Capitalist doctrine: “The non-working person is not here”.

But there is also a different version, as depicted in the copper complex of Kifissodotos in the midst of the ancient market: Irene holds the little Wealth in the arms. Prosperity and wealth co-exist when they are emancipated by peace.


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