When the king used to rule everywhere in a long time, once a king was angry with one of his servants and removed him, and ordered that you stay in your house, you can neither go out nor say anywhere. You can work
It was apparently a small commandment because staying in the house at night does not work hard to spend some time and get rid of it. Anyway, a man gets tired of staying in one place and one type of people and you are so scared.
It’s time to bite time, so it happened to him. She was lying all day and could not do any work. The chief was very upset because his children had a question of stomach.

When she does not step out of the house, then where will the wife feed the children? “After some days, the king’s ministers and princes were called in a few days.

The head shines a trumpet, his eyes shine. She sent her wife to bring a valuable pair to the neighborhood. She brought a valuable pair from the neighborhood. The prince asked a precious pair of zombies quickly and went out of the house and went to the royal royal court.
Understanding that there is a respected guest, taking it, he sat on a chair with big literature from other people. The Sardar neck sat down on the chair. The court started. All the ceremonies of the celebration were played and then high-quality food was kept on the table.
The chief minister also drew his hand and drank it and then, after saving his eyes, a secret golden cloth was hidden in his garment, and when he finished the door, he got nine eleven, and came home and told his wife all the big events. .
After that, his wife cut a piece of bracelet and gold retaining and sold some money. So the life of the chief captain went to rest and the problem was over. The employees of the court saw that there was a decline in gold, so the sellers started running around to find a very frustrated and intact.
The king looked at his condition and said, “Why are you all upset?” I know sleeping has disappeared and now you will not get it. I also know that the creator is the creator. The next year, again filled with festive and pleasant guests.
Guests were given food at the end of the celebration. Sardar was also present on this occasion. After eating, he saved the sight and concealed a golden cloth with great satisfaction. When the guest ended, the guests started going out of the palace gate that suddenly the king came to the front.
Seeing the king, he straphed a strap and began to panic and started watching. The king lifted his hand and caught his hand and said that the rest of the year was over, which would again be taken to another place? When he heard this, the senses of the chief flew and feared for fear.
Eventually, fell down at the feet of the king and said, “I was locked in my house in accordance with the command of the Holy One. It was troubled and frustrated for several months. After all it forced me to get rid of it. Please forgive me. The king kept thinking for a while and said that good we forgiven you and also restored your job.
The mistake was ours. We had given such a command that a person is forced to steal, stupid and hunger, if we do not imprison you, maybe you would never act like this. Go! Do not act like this now, theft is a bad move. Both the king and the chief did wrong. Both of them recognized their own mistake and got one lesson for each other. It is said that the Sardar never stolen, nor the king ever punished anyone


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