American Journal Wall Street exposed another corruption story of Sharif family after Panama Lexus


Washington / Islamabad (Online) American Journalist Wall Street General exposed the big corruption of Sharif brothers. The Kick-Beck deal was signed in the sale of Electricity, and in this article, according to the article article, Arif Naqvi of corruption and Abraj Capital’s bribe gave bribes to Sharif brothers. Abhaj Capital increased ties with Sharif brothers and Arif Naveed met with the brave Sharif brothers. Almost 2 million contractors with foreign advisors from Sharif Brothers. Arif Navevi wrote to the Abaraj Capital partner that the matter is to be fixed. If the attack was done in the wrong hand, Arif Alvi would be an explosion. How will the Cookie split? Sharif Sharif will tell Sharif brothers that they will be given the amount of money and relief work. These Sharif brothers will tell how to give $ 2 million. According to Wall Street General, Sharif Brothers and Electric Cooks deal 8 years ago. The cases of Abaraj Capital and Sharif brothers were kept very secret while Arif Naveed and Sharif brothers denied any deal. On the other hand, Muslim League (N) leader Mohsin Shahnawan Ranjha said that a misconduct has become a business. Street Claims will claim respect for the opponent. Mohsin Shah Nawaz said the Wall Street General has also denied us with our claim. I do not know any contract but whatever is true should come. He said that making a false allegation is now a business. Wall Street will claim honor to be against the general.


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