LAHORE (Urdu NewspaperTweetest, October 22, 2018) Bhunachal, who came from the cricket scandal also shook Pakistan Cricket Board, PCB also asked for details from Arab TV after the ICC, Australia and England charged Reject Lord T. Jazeera’s fixing scandal revealing the Pakistan Cricket Board, asking for details of alleged matches and cricketer from TV administration.
The TV claimed to be involved in fixing three matches in Pakistan and one cricketer. Earlier, the ICC has appealed to find an incredible Indian baker Anil Manor besides launching the fixing scandal. According to the TV report, fixing fixture in fifteen international matches during the eleven and 12 th.

The only match of the match was not open but Indian captain Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Rina and Balaji, including Australia’s oldest Akmal, were also named as Australia and Bangladesh cricketers. The matches are mentioned in the TV report, they were won by green shirts. Australia and England cricket boards were denied the report on Algeria’s report, but Pakistan has not yet reacted.
Cricket: Cricket Australia Chief Executive James Saddland says cricket Australia will not tolerate the decline of cricket game by any player. He further said that we would have to keep our players and the safety of this game. Complete trust. The Australian Executive Chief said that our technical team has reviewed a video based on allegations of spot fixing by Al-Jazeera, which has no evidence against existing or former players, which proves that He made something wrong during the match.
The Australian board, as well as the England Cricket Board, declared Algeria’s allegations as a baseless. The reaction was also expressed by the IBB and it was said that it provided information about Al-Jazeera’s information. There is lack of transparency, while there is nothing in which it appears that players have spot-fixing. While the International Cricket Council announced the show of the latest fixing allegations from the Algeria channel, once again, it has been told to the non-accredited footage in the Craze Channel General Manager, Alex Marshal, in the Criminal International Council’s Anti-corruption Unit. Said that the bodyguard body of Al Jazeera TV could see the allegations of spot-fixing seriously, continuously to keep the ICC Cricket cleaner clean, and not only the allegations in the program It is being seen seriously, but its complete and comprehensive investigation will also be done.
He said that this impression is not correct that I do not see the matter of corruption seriously in the ICC cricket, to keep the game clean from corruption, ICC has been doing more resources than ever. He said that the investigation has been started and it continues to work on different angles. “We welcomed Broadcasters’s determination to provide details of spot-fixing to Interpol and hope that other law enforcement agencies will also support the ICC in this regard, so that the The criminals can be kept away.


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