Fire and water games


There was a king in an era, which was very good and good to God. The reputation of his goodness was far away. One day he came to a capital in a weakness. He heard the King’s goodness and the trumpet of God. Read.

It was not understood that why the Government of God and the Almighty could gather together in one place .The government is a big world champion. To see this, he came by a remote walk. When he reached the king’s palace, he saw that someone might look at the door, but there was no one there.
When he saw that the king saw this stranger, he came in a rare manner. He said, “Yes, sir!” How come? ”
“I heard that fire and thirst have been gathered in your operation.

That’s just how to see.

The king understood the meaning of poverty and said, “Have you seen?”
“Yeah!” Faqir responded unhappy and began to get up.
The King said: “You are not seen yet.”
I’ll show you in the shade. ”
By saying this, the king has announced in all the cities, or that the market should be decorated today. Our guest will come to visit the market today. It was late for the king’s command.
Now the king caught a bowl full of water in the hands of Faqir and said to Jeddah: “Go, tour them throughout the city and wherever you drop a drop of water on the earth, kill them immediately.”

When Faqir was presented before the king after the entire city was made, he was a liar in sweat. The king of Babylon smiled at seeing him: “Say sir! How badly the market was decorated today. What did you see, and what did you like? ”
Faqir immediately said: “Hey cruel! When did you keep me alive when I saw the city?
I just know that there was a sword on the head and the eyes were jammed on the water. “King laughed and laughed and said,” Have you understood it or not? It is fire and water game! ” ”
The locker was lit at the lips.
He tore his eyes and looked at the king.
The king then said: “Yes, this is the secret of the government’s management and a jealousy of godliness. If God’s fear came and looked at his own responsibility, then there could be no heartbeat in the world to disturb you from religion. The name of the fulfillment of the responsibilities is not to take refuge in the caves and the wilderness. ”


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