Four classes have been read eight times. While studying at Primary School, my Idol was the teacher who used to come to school for a change in the morning.


My date of birth is going on till now, my father, Dad, entered me in the first party and wrote that thinking that the employee and civil life could be measured with measurement of money from Maudada Farda. It is a matter of fact that it does not even work on the activities of the oppression that they should not be able to make themselves face to face .I ask my age to me, I will give my salary .Your age and salary, ” Both sides are at the same speed “.
Four classes have been read eight times. In my primary school, my Idol was the teacher who used to come to school for a change in the morning. She used to teach not only books but instead of drinking the truth. They also used to leave smoke .Yeah Master Master came, one of us would run his closet to take his insurance.
On the basis of a honey tree, our body’s feelings begin to arrange the blood of life in the dead, to run alive. When the mastermind of Mulabakh was from the line of vitamin “C”, we would feel that :
The hand is God’s hand, the believer’s hand
When my village filled with fruit, flowers, leaves and vegetables of the village trees, I was sent to the city. Even if I see the eggs and the dungs ​​together, I think that sometimes I also burn my Punjabi heart in Urdu market. I took the first class in Middle Vancouver and assured the villagers that if I wish, I could dig poison and fatigue and poison it in the simple life of the village. Then I thought that knowledge actually That is, which is afraid of outside the family. Before entering into the mathematics, the family unhappy me to make my future more fascinating. All the healing of social beings showed that I could find out that every physician has to serve some patient for digging his head.
I entered the school and decided that I would become a engineer, go to the drawing class. Then the teacher used to write all the materials that were used in both Mughal kings during war and peace. While sitting, I considered a translation of Punjabi’s translation of Engineer. I kept myself in a position in my opinion. At that time, I made a hand held by a couple of Dalangalis. Mister Sah gave me the opportunity to exit.
When I was a holiday, I came to a book depot to become a doctor, whose owner was suppressing his case of affairs by God, he sprinkled himself with a spy novel. I dragged the boss very hard to the owner. When he came out of the swing of heroin and heroin relationship, she asked for a book of Haizen Physicalism, while taking care of four elements like intimacy intercourse, she said: “Are these things bought? You disrupted my study. By putting me in pain, I put it in a trance till daytime.
Now you have the same punishment that in my shop, where this book is suffering from isolation, I do not speak to me without saying it. “Finally, instead of all the books around me, I got a book of Chinese physiology. The book was to study that I was so delighted that if a fly was swept on my water glass, I would call the corporation to the corporation .It was a charisma of the book that tension and fist on my family and relatives relationship The work was started, but the Hohotel and the Reddy became the third-class person of the third world in the eyes of my eye. Amyat, I read the study of physiology and hygiene iravati force in Pakistan, but that does not turn mathematics, it makes sense optional off at an appropriate time.
The mathematical days of the mathematical examination of the last mathematical examination took place. I used to support all the elders learned from the elders to control mathematics, but later I found that at least some riaz or ulcer for mathematics However, in the past two hours, consider the Fasiqagas’ problems. Then solve the form of the prophets like al-Shabbir’s divisions. Vajpayee exercises such as the shape of the alphabet. Similar to the design of these windows By looking at a winding look on the questions, he gave himself comfort and comfort.
O God! No we
If we have been barely hundred times, then our examination
Finally, in the mathematical case, I decided to solve the problem. By physics, chemotherapy and mathematics, I had a bloom of only 300 hundred marks on my board and the board .There were people who believed that ours Lakht Jigger will only break its physical, spiritual and vicious powers on physics, chemotherapy and biology at F.Sc. only by breaking the previous records of the board. These articles were written in Sanskrit language, in Dhang Delhi. In front of me in front of me.
The first half of the month, I did not even bury these stems by eating ginger on me. Nevertheless, the F.S.S.S prepared for the manufacture .Everyone sat down three hours in Swat. The next day, Rachel came, so I was also able to become a doctor. It was not a matter of time. After several days, the railway timetable was under my train. For a few days, I kept making a difference in the height of the mantra Pakistan and the museum of the king’s mosque. When all the rectangular views of Pakistan were pushed to Pasha So I’m afraid of getting rid of Akbarabadabad immediately by doing GMZombie pulled out of a row. Before you set an imaginative type of imagery about me, so that people start fingering fingers on your information, I introduce myself myself. My height is five inches. I am very light and weird in weight .Is a portable .It does not have to be a thumb to take a bulk .Just is such that everybody hopes to do it in the hello in the initiative .However, Increased.The hairball is more loyal to the dog. Some hair is white but has done. They also see the dark hairstyle .They do not have to lift it properly by drinking the water. My neck is so smart that my child can also wrist her bracelet easily by thinking it as a wrist. It is so appropriate that the nose is cooked in every tie .After prevailing in winter, only Akbar .She likes Lahore in its own cities and cities. If you ask me why I wrote the resistance then I I would not say that I am a great surgeon and the operation of society is my responsibility. This work is of trustworthy opponents. I do not even claim that my writing From the goose goose prjayyn will bill your stomach. If you want to study this book to fulfill this goal, you buy a book from Latif instead of this book and if you still feel a tutorial, then take a lucky or lucky Iranian head out Go and stand .There are some people who will drag their clothes around the globe and ask for their old age .You too should be called “Amman, Amen” from Shaffta. You do not understand that our Roads are uncomfortable, but we are feeling uncomfortable in our society. I have tried to knock at the door of these neighbors. Whoever will be in the world, who is not sad but weeping on our lips, fears and strokes it fade the clear scenes of life. Everything tears in the eye every time, it looks like fog, dirty clay and oven .When our eyes are described as a blessing, then why not we study them in the vast majority of the universe of the universe and Only a few editions of some books on the observation run along with the author of the author, and this can be expressed in any way in our society .Your love It has also proved wrong. There is no last arrow in politics, and so on, I have revised a new edition of this book. The creative process I have passed, I hope you will be happy with a new taste. Prof. Saifullah Khalid The right poetic friend, I am sponsor of criticism and advice. Mr. Salim ur Rehman, the leading poet and criterion, deserves to doubt that he had taken this book from his own point of view to the scene.


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