Historic, religious, and culturally Pakistan and Turkey’s friendship is successful and unparalleled,


28 October 2018) Prime Minister Imran Khan said that friendship between Pakistan and Turkey is successful and unparalleled. In the future, there is a desire to extend bilateral relations in the future as well as positive relations in the Burma countries are to be promoted. The views of these are the leaders of the Republic of Turkey’s 95th Republic of Turkey. On one occasion, the Prime Minister congratulated the Turkish government and the people on the Republic of the Republic, saying that the Turkish government and the people refused to bow before the non-democratic forces and this bold attitude of the Turkish nation is its identity throughout the world. He said that the Turkish nation is also in the face of every difficult watch in Pakistan Due to mutual cooperation, historical, fun, and culturally linked to each other, we apart from each other. Apart from this, Pakistan and Turkey have worked together on many issues, Prime Minister said that in the present leadership Turkey has developed many fields. Pakistan and development have always been unmatched, we pray that Pakistan and Turkey should always remain


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