Historical judgment of the Father’s Rights for Human Rights Europe’s Court of Human Rights separated the insult of the Prophet from Islam freely


. 25 October 2018) Europe’s Court for Human Rights separated the insult of Prophet Muhammad from freedom of speech. According to details, the love of every Muslim is the basis of faith. Every Muslim Messenger In love with God, he is ready to move forward and never tolerates his prophet’s insult.
At that time, all the scholars of Islam, in Holland, have been protesting on the annoying incident by Dutch politician Gertwich Wilder. Such tweets can not be an expression of freedom, but just a corruption. There is a severe protest in Pakistan and it was said that in this regard, the Pakistani government should protest against the government of Holland and carry concrete steps.

However, Dutch politicians have strongly condemned Holbrooke’s diplomatic office in Dutch politicians. The latest news in this regard is that the European Court’s Human Rights separated the insult of the Prophet from the freedom of expression. According to human rights, the issue of freedom of expression of Islam was a matter of different concern, the Austrian woman retained the punishment of the Messenger of Allah (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) on the ecclesiastical of Rasoolullah. The justice of the human rights was further said that the Prophet could be a cause of contempt of Islam. It was said that because of being anarchy, freedom of expression spread to the Prophet Can not say that. Such a decision has supported the standpoint of the Muslim world in front of the world.


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