old money is best old is gold



When I returned from madrassas, Hakim saw the grandfather coming out of the room.
See Awesome! Sweetheart will have to be cautious with sugar and sweet. Hakim said to father.
Dad left Hakim to the door, I was very surprised to hear the conversation between them and watching them.
After going to Hakim I asked Aba: Why did Hakim come?
The nature of your grandfather is bad. They said and quickly went to Grandpa’s room, I also went to Grandpa’s room behind them. Grandpa Jan was lying down on bed.
Papa came and looked down at the bottom, but I and dad saw it.

See father! Now you do not have to agree, Hakim has strictly prohibited. Dad drove me out a big deal from the bottom of the grandfather and requested me grandpa to eat it.

Go give it to your mother. Abba said to me, and I saw that grandfather’s eyes were lying on the fence in my hand. Abba left the room before I left. Before I came out of the room, grandpa gave me a voice: Hey, honey! This is my problem.

No grandpa! Hakim has forbidden, your health is bad. I will give this mother to her. They will make some sweet thing for us.
Do you Grandpa said loudly in a loud voice.
no . I also got scared.
Oh, honey! You give me a rumor and give me something.

Well the deal is approved. I agreed and I gave grandfather Dunga and grandpa gave me a copy. Now our business was in the process of completion that the father went to the room again and put it on the medicines, but after being caught, grandpa kept under the pitfull pillow and we stood behind the money hand.
Suddenly, Sikh left the hand and fell down and the boy went down under the bed of Kadada. We tried to bow down to the father’s side, but we did not find out why the luggage was not safe from the age of his grandfather, under the grandfather’s bed.
Some goods were in cardboard boxes.
what happened ? Grandpa asked.
I’m tired of answering: Here’s blind, there is no view.
Bring some wood and flashlight flashlight. Grandpa said.
I found a wooden stick secretly, in the grandfather’s room, I kept a stomach underneath the bed that looked out just outside.

Find soon, otherwise someone will come. Grandpa expressed concern
I see you’re not getting together. I was looking for nothing to worry about being worried that someone’s condition came to pass and Grandpa quickly wrapped my wings on my eyes.

Brother! Have you sent Mansoor somewhere? Ami asked us.
Otherwise, maybe you’re out with a friend. Grandfather said a lie.
Ami has gone. Grandpa said to anger: Mansoor Mian! Come on, come out.
I did not want to come out even when grandpa said. Shaved clothes and left the eyes, went out of the house and returned shortly.
Mansoor! Where were you Ami asked.
I went out with Zahid. I also lied like grandpa.

And why are they dirty clothes for you? Ami asked.
When we asked Ami, we saw our clothes which were dirty due to the bursting of grandpa’s bed.
I had fallen I lied again.
Amy pulled out clean clothes for me, picked me up and changed clothes.
I would normally keep looking for my teacher under the grandfather’s bed, but did not know where he had gone.
I ran to school and school from madrassas, but they did not forget the lesson. Grandpa became grandmother, and after his death, Dad gave me the blanket, so that I could study but pay attention.
The room was cleaned, bed was removed to replace the bed, and everything underneath the bed was removed. During the same cleaning 14 years ago, the Lost Lost Sikh was also found. Mansoor Bin Karkhash, 14 years ago, got the cheek, and began to be happy happily in the pocket pocket.
Daddy was surprised to see this. When asked, I heard Sai lost. Daddy started to smile, my mother got laughtered and my grandfather rubbed my face in front of me


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