On the sand there were signs of a man’s naked foot. I thought to see them first, showing me the marks of the same human beings.


I reached fifteen years on this dry island.
One day when I was going to normalize the boat from Cabin in the morning in the usual way that the gun was in my arms, sitting on the shoulders, opened the umbrella on my head, the telescope was hanging in the throat. The beard and the head were white in the air. That’s a surprise.

On the sand there were signs of a man’s naked foot. I thought to see them, first of all, I saw the signs of the same human beings. Then afterwards, there were signs of at least three to four human feet. I was happy to see these signs of the feet and surprisingly, a major reason for my surprise was that these signs of the feet were fresh.

Just like those people who had these feet were a short time ago. I look at these marks as well as proceeding. After fixing a floating distance, these marks of the feet were on the back side with a small tail. I hid in the bushes above the lake.

I saw some people near the sea coast. My heart started to be sharp. I started thinking about who these people could. And then standing near the beach I saw a boat also. I put a binoculars and started watching.
The scene I saw was terrible. Rooftop standby scene
He was the seven-seven-nineteenth-year-old Adam’s sister. He had caught a 16-year-old boy, trying to tie his boy’s feet.

Two brutal Adam’s sisters were burning fire there. I understood that he grabbed the boy and wanted to eat it. An adult sister stood near a wheelchair. My surprise was coming down. After so many days, seeing the humans, though Adam’s sister, I had a wonderful pleasure, but I also thought that he would eat that boy.
Should not I stop them? The fact is that after a long time, humans were fed up by jumping. It was difficult for me to decide immediately.
I was seeing that the boy is trying hard to get rid of the grief of these Adam’s sisters.
But he was alone and the competition was with seven sons. The human beings like the form of human beings became human enemies. Before I decided that I saw the binoculars. The boy was released from an abusive shock with the torture of Adam’s sisters and ran on a hill that ran faster.
She was coming near me and Adam’s sisters were following him like crazy.
That boy was slim. He was running. Very fast and Adam’s sisters were following him. They did not want to leave it at any cost.
The fast guy once stuck and stuck at my heart, but before the Adam’s sister caught him, he started running fast. Now she was very close to me. From the telescope I was seeing that his face was sweed in sweat and he was humbling.
His body was naked. He did not wear anything except a diapers. Adam’s sister-in-law was pursuing him like death and that boy was running to avoid death.
And then I was conscious of that moment. I delayed the decision.
I picked up a gun and shot the man’s chest and choked the boy. Shoot the island with a loud voice of the shoot. The birds shouted noise and I saw Litin Pat body in the blood of an Adam’s sister.

Adam danced to see one of his companions dead on earth.
During that time, the boy ran away from me. He was happing. Sometimes he’ll see me surprisingly to the body. In that case another Adami grew up towards the boy.
I pulled the pistol and fired it. I am also amazed myself that after so many years, Mir Anshna was so good without practice, that the pistol shot at the bottom of the Adam’s sister and he fell on his sand and fell on the sand.
Seeing his other colleagues died deadly Adam Adam was so scared that he turned back and started running. Now they were going to escape from death. They reached the boat without looking after the turn. They rode in and went to the open sea.


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