Pigeon and Kabotri reached the pair of donkeys and said, “Friendship is a good thing to help one another,” he said. There is a snake at the distance


In a forest, a pigeon and a kutotri was living in peace and prosperity, when Kabutriy bought eggs in the nonsense, he thought of protecting himself and the egg, both advised that the animal living nearby could be used in trouble. Pobra said that there is a donkey pair on a tree near here. I think their friendship would be beneficial, although Kabutri began to say, although they are not of our community but this is not seen in friendship.

Pigeon and Kabotri reached the pair of donkeys and said, “Friendship is a good thing to help one another,” he said. There is a snake on the distance better than it should be in friendship relationship when the birds reached the snake, the snake also respected his desire and joined the relationship of the fifth.

One day in a hunter forest, when he did not find any other victim, he wanted to remove the child from the pigeon’s nest instead of going back. It was darkening. He gathered some dry woods and lightened the fire so that his Finding the pigeon at ease by lightning on the tree, finding pigeons and pigeons, especially distressed, they wanted to call for their friends, but thought that first aid could help you to test your golden rule. Both of them will come to the nearest nearby river and bring water in trenches and feathers, and on the fire The horned fire was shattered by hunting the hunter in darkness, so he fell down from the tree and again again the fire burnt pigeon and the kutotri, again burnt the water. Then the hunter was angry, he gathered thick thick woods to gather fire. Pigeon and Kabotri could not see the situation very quickly, when the situation saw control of the donkeys, they approached the pair of donkeys and immediately came to their aid and brought water from the river with the help of their big claws and birds and before the pigeons in the hunter light. The fire reached the fire, the darkness became darker, the hunter was fluttering with his failure. Finally he decided That night, be spent in the jungle.
As early as sunrise, pigeons of children can be found in the light of the hunter, keeping the comfort of the forest in a forest, and the four birds lying in the veil, concealed the intention of hunter. They thought that the serpent could work in such a snake. And all the narrative snakes complained that you do not worry in the morning all arrangements will be made.

The next morning, the hunter was awakened, he started climbing the tree to get the puppy’s children, but he realized that the tree was climbing up with a fearful snake that was spreading on a tree. Read your laughter, she left all her belongings and ran away and could not find her anywhere till today. Pigeon is still a sign of Sikh China and this is the result of friendship with him.


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