Rich poor


There is no rich in the world nor any poor, all this is their own idea. If the idea is poor, man becomes poor, the idea is rich, then man is rich. Only the needs of the rich and the poor are fulfilled. The person who possesses the excessive material can be called rich, and the lesser he possesses is called poor. Man is a beneficial element created by God, and is humiliating, human is a snake, human is cruel. Man wants to live forever in passenger bars. It is known that what comes in this world has to go back, tomorrow or tomorrow, everyone has to go. Claimed, kept, high, why, millions of years planning, and needed. If there is a need to stay in the world, apart from what needs to be excluded from here and if you have to go, the program of staying is meaningless. When something becomes a human being, he does not remain in darkness, the inner person looks different from the outside person. If there is no risk from the outside, then the four walls of the body die. Man stays under his burden. He keeps himself in the rocks of desires and when he breathes in the last breath, he makes noise. Everyone should get equal rights.

Why a person is rich and poor, this is a very important question, religion is also silent. We often make prescription prescriptions but are always unsuccessful. We think hard work will make happiness but the hard work is bad, distressed, it does not happen to be prosperous. . There is no prescription despite all the prescriptions to be rich. If all is equal then all the throat will be erupted, if the pocket is equal, the mind will not be equal, a person can be admitted despite his illness, can be liked, but can be liked, but hatred can be done to the rich. The things that are awesome, demand here is that man wants to be rich but hatred the rich, how justice is, that which we consider as hatred, he wants to be. We also see that despite being wealthy, he is grateful to his language, the desire of the person to remove human from his present. And Fir’aun (Pharaoh) creates what is ruined, and the poor; the Prophet draws near to Musa (Allah), then Moses or Pharaoh who was rich again. Life like Pharaoh is like killing Moses and you will have to avoid such kind of life. There are two lifestyle rich and poor, there are two temples, two different colors.

There are two types of rich, good rich and bad. Similarly the poor are two types, good and poor. Poverty brings to the door to give, and it is also given a large amount of time.

God protects people from poverty and poverty, because they are poor in poverty, try to tackle poverty, small needs of small people should be fulfilled, even wash their knees, Get smell There should be an opportunity to pay thanks to their craftsmen, do not give the poor advice only to God, do not make it a word, save his sorrow, his grief. Because if the poor is not given free medicines, your major hospitals will become ill, it will take a stomach, it is still time to think, understand, be conscious, poorly valuable investment, but if it is not allowed to be poor.


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