Salamabad (Urdu Newspaper: 22 October 2018) The hope of Jamal Khashkiqi’s Saudi government will give an acceptable explanation, Prime Minister Imran Khan gave the first reaction to the murder of Saudi journalist and said that the hope is to explain to the people of Saudi Arabia. Will satisfy Pakistan, Pakistan needs strong credit for Saudi debt. According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan has responded to the case of Saudi American American journalist Jamal Khashashji for the first time.
Referring to the case of journalist Jamal Khashashjee, who was killed in the Saudi embassy in Turkey, Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the Saudi government will give an acceptable explanation. Hopefully Jamal Khashkiqi hopes the Saudi government will make the people satisfied.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has cautioned the case of murder of Jamal Khashashji.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister further added that the country is facing the worst economic crisis. IMF or friend countries have no option to borrow. Saudi Arabia wants to borrow from Saudi Arabia. The Prime Minister said that we do not have more than two to three months, and then there is a need for the friendship of the friendly countries. He said that the country faces worst economic crisis and wants to borrow from Saudi Arabia to improve the economy of the country.
Saudi Arabia is waiting for the results of Saudi investigations. He hoped that due to satisfying investigations, the responsible ones will be punished. The Prime Minister expressed his views on a British News website interview before Saudi Arabia.


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