The PS4 controller is $ 14,000


Sony already has several special PS4 controllers. A few days ago Sony introduced its special PS4 when its 50 million consoles were sold. This special console can not be equivalent to DualShock 4, which is made by Brikk. This company specializes in making luxury, especially gold-based electronics products. The company has also made Golden Air Pounds earlier.

The value of the special console for this company is from $ 8,000 to 14,000 dollars. 24 cm gold is mounted on classic and deluxe of this console. There are three layers of golden citrus on it. In addition, there are 7 diamonds connected to the play button.
The company has also presented two special cases made of aluminum to protect such a valuable controller. The special foam made in this case and the cloth of red silk is placed above it.



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