When the doctor banned my father, this news was the case of my father Tilar Asrafhel, “he was upset but the doctor’s judgment was a judicial decision. My father is also very tough to discipline. If you do not want to do anything, then you do not want to get rid of it, “he said. “The” Upgrade “started and our phone was temporarily cut off as the second station’s shop ended. At the same time the shop rush was reduced, “people reached the shop and used to downstairs and move beyond the sharpest steps”, which sat on our face early in the morning and their evening too They were suddenly disappeared at the same shop.

Those whom we considered as a father’s close friend, ‘Those who were our uncle,’ entered the street and used to slaughter Chaudhry Sahib in the loud voice and used to make our father’s hours awaited. “We forgot their shapes. My father was sitting alone at the shop all day,” the customers used to come, “Munshi and shopkeepers used to deal with other customers, but they did not even go near my father.” They used to greet them. They used to make invoices and leave them.

I used to read at the primary school at this time, ‘It was difficult to digest this situation for my mind. I sat in front of Dad one day, and I asked him, “Where has your friends all gone? Abba, my father “I was not my friend,” he said. “My eyes were tears in my eyes. My father got rid of my eyes.” “The truth is closed” the phone has been cut off. These people also got cut ‘it also closed’ on the day the telephone and the truth will come back. These people will come back this day. “My heart mind The philosophy refused to understand, ‘My father took a look at my face.’ He said, “Remember, Allah, when giving you any blessing, this blessing brings you a new friend with us, but we are pleased with these friends. Friends are understandable. It is our foolishness, ‘The blessing on which the day goes away’ all these friends also leave.

#My father gave a great reminder after that, “he said,” son, your perfection will be perfection, you should be friends of delight in friendship. “Do not let those people never become their friends”You never disappointed in life Will not be. ”

My father said, “Son, consider your friends as friends of the car. Understand the friends of the businessmen as friends of friends and think of their friends ‘friends as friends’ people never let them reach their hearts. You will never be hurt. You will never cry for tears. “


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