Abu Dhabi tested Pakistan’s hand Nicholas and Wattling made positions in Cavez’s match



New Zealand has made 200 runs for 4 wickets at tea break on the third day of the three Test matches. The Kiwis team scored 56 runs with one run out of 56, while captains of Williamson 27 and Wins Raw There were 26 runs on the craze. The batsman continued to score cautiously while scoring 86 runs but Williamson became the victim of Yasir Shah on the run, scoring 37 runs.
Opening batsman Wins Rawl and Russia Taylor tried to support the batting line, but Taylor’s innings remained limited to 19 runs, Hassan Ali got out of LWW. Winner Rauf also resisted 46 runs on the tourists. Wicketk lost, Vicky keeper BJ Wattling and Henry Nicholas performed a spectacular bat while tea scored for 200 runs on tea break, Kaware’s wicket has been 126 runs now. Fast bowler Hassan Ali for Pakistan performed 3 runs while hitting Yasir Shah one wicket. The New Zealand team was scored 153 in their first innings, followed by the national team. In his first innings, 227 runs and the total score of 74 runs against Keves was given. Pakistan is expected to win the first Test series eight years against New Zealand, in 2011, Pakistan made New Zealand one of its home ground in 2011. -0, and the test series in Amsterdam four years ago was equal to 1-1 between the two teams.
There have been 55 test matches between the two countries, out of which Pakistan won 24 and New Zealand while 21 matches were scored.


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