Crack Down against the protest workers In protest of the protest call on 25th November, the arrest of workers of Rawalpindi-led Tehrik-e-Jharkhand was started


Newspaper – November 23, 2018 Government launches arrest of workers of Rawalpindi from Rawalpindi in Rawalpindi, according to the protest call given on November 25. According to details, workers from Lyakkak have been called November 25. According to details, The government has also started crackdown against the movement of the nation throughout the country.
In this regard, the famous journalist, Zaidi has broken
He says that the government has started crackdown across the country against movement activists in protest against Tehreek-e-Lashkar’s protest call for November 25. It says that movement of Lashkar-e-Jharke workers, especially in the country, Rawalpindi is being arrested from Rawalpindi. If the court has also decided to make a decision on Faizabad case, then on the other hand, the Chief Justice in London was asked when there was a lot of insult against the politicians. What is going on if the extremists who give ordinary heads and worship the infidels, then what will happen against them, they would say that Very soon you will see our actions.


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