Jeddah: The Pakistani consulate and the AACIC celebrate Kashmir Day’s Black Day


November 2018) A consulate from OIC Secretariat in OIC Secretariat regarding Kashmir Day Day and a seminar was held jointly by OIC in which OIC Secretary General, Dr. Yousuf Bin Ahmad al-Fatima, held the OIC On the basis of the legitimacy of Kashmir’s freedom struggle, demanding that Kashmir should be given self-determination while respecting their basic rights.
Last year, the seminars held by the Indian counterpart were chaired by the IIC Secretary General. The Secretary General asked the Indian government to abandon the use of flattering power against the Kashmiri people. The doctor said that the issue of Kashmir dispute was highlighted in the past three decades due to the OIC platform.
On this occasion, he criticized India’s continued human rights violations. He further said that in the recent meeting with the current prime minister of Pakistan, the preliminary discussion was only Kashmir issue. In which Imran Khan Maoists were assured that the OIC will continue unnecessary support on Kashmir issue.
The seminar was presented by the Consulate General of the seminar, Mr. Urban Khan, in which he said that the purpose of holding Kashmir Day’s Day is to condemn the Indian military’s illegal military occupation in 1948. On this occasion, he appealed to the United Nations and the international community that he should close the massacre of innocent Kashmiris in India and form an inquiry commission to bring the Indian protest. After a seminar, an image exhibition was organized on Kashmir. In addition to the Pakistani community, prominent Saudi personalities also attended the seminar.


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