Members of the National Assembly Ramesh Kumar, while following Rasulullah, left all behind God Almighty gave you the Holy Quran, Rahim al-Mulayman said, “What is the purpose of every man in this world?” Ramesh Kumar


On November 23, 2018) While expressing his views in the National Assembly, Ramesh Kumar, the ruling member of the National Assembly, gave great words in the guidance of Rasulullah, saying that God Almighty gave you the Revelation of the Prophets, the Merciful, that the Lord said that every man in this world According to details, according to details, National Assembly member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Ramesh Kumar, while expressing his views in the National Assembly, while praising Rasoolullah Hazrat Muhammad, he left behind big elders.
He was clarifying his point of view of the opening of the Kartarpur border. It was said that it could be said that it could not be quite clear in Pak-India relations that it could be. It is a good thing for Imran Khan to take over the workforce.

We have to say the mercy of the Almighty. He said that you were the Beneficent, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
Two days ago, the Almighty was conferred upon you, God Almighty gave you the blessings of Allah, the Most Merciful. How do we have to do with the unbelievers? We have to sacrifice the words of mercy, the Almighty. You will give us a light torch for the help of our people. The Prime Minister also says that we have to become a model model It was a dream that Iqbal would have a role model state. He said that the conference in other countries should be held as a result of Islamists in Islam.


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