Pakistan does not do anything for us so that their aid is stopped: Donald Trump


US President Trump said that Pakistan does not do anything for the US, that is why we have stopped Pakistan’s aid.
President Trumpp on Sunday told the US television channel Fox News that Pakistan had placed Osama bin Laden in his own country.
He said: “Everyone in Pakistan knew that he (Osama bin Laden) lives near the military academy. And we are offering $ 1.3 billion a yearly aid. We are not giving this aid anymore. I closed it because they did not do anything for us. ‘
It is not the first time President Trumpet criticized Pakistan. At the beginning of this year, he said that ‘America has made a $ 33 billion assistance as innocent as 15 years in the past 15 years. They did not give anything to us except lies and fraud.
President Trump also said that he is considering our leaders as foolish. They provide safe shelter to those terrorists whom we are pursuing with the help of not being in Afghanistan. It will not do so. ‘
A few days later, the US Department of State had said that the trumpet management of Pakistan was preventing all its security assistance from not being carried out against Pakistan’s terrorist networks so that the Pakistani government could be told that if they were If there is no alliance, then the matters will not be the same as before.
According to the foreign ministry, the provision of assistance to Islam, unless Haqqani does not take action against the Haqqani Network and the Afghan Taliban. Last year, in the National Security Strategy set by the US President, “We will pressure on Pakistan to accelerate its ongoing efforts to end terrorism, because the extremists of any country And there can be no contribution left after the support of the terrorists.
The United States has said that extremists and terrorists operating inside Pakistan have consistently threatened to America.
After coming to this policy, US Vice President Mike Pennes once again visited Pakistan on the occasion of Afghanistan, that he should not provide safe shelters to the groups fighting against the Afghan government.


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