Prime Minister Imran Khan told the hiding philosophy behind selling bars
People criticize us to sell them, I fear Allah that people do not have food on one side, and on the other side, they are flowing in prime minister’s house.
Newspaper Latest: November 29, 2018) Prime Minister Imran Khan explored the hiding philosophy behind selling barees, saying that people make fun of us and I fear Allah that the country in which poor people do not have anything to eat in this country’s prime minister There is a break. According to details, a function organized with 100-day performance in the Islam Connection Center.
Addressing this, Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a detailed address on the 100-day performance of the Government, which also highlighted the future stages. On this occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan told the philosophy behind the sale of Prime Minister’s Houses. We make fun of selling and we are sold as weeds.
He said people were joking, I fear God that in the country where people do not have two meals, there are buffalo owners in their Prime Minister whose milk used to be Prime Minister. On this occasion, he further added to the nation. He said that giving 100-day program credit to Bashir Bibi, the wife has given a lot of time in difficult times, after coming to the government for a holiday.
He said that I am listening to a big criticism regarding the plan. By the way, I see TV less. When we read the prayer, we ask for a way from God. There is only one effort in the hands of the person. God blesses us .22 years in the opposition. We follow the state of Madina in our 100 days . The policy was made for the poor in the state of Madina. Zaka was spent from Zakhia in the poor people. He said that there is a complete plan in the educational field. There are similar systems in Malik in the same way. Similarly, there is a complete system of health. The health card is coming. All the poor people will give health cards to the country. The workers will make the task force to fix the hospitals.


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