Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Donald Trumpp’s two-point answer story


This work is also appreciable and is also a great defense of nation’s fear. If someone else was prime minister, he had to be quiet, but Imran Khan tweeted forward, this is the quality of leadership. Political observers
نومبر 2018) – Leading journalist Seer Abbasi says that Pakistan has never been a part of Nineveh, but despite this, Pakistan also fought against terrorism and decided to support the United States in war. What, in this war, Pakistan sacrificed 75,000 people and $ 123 billion
If he had to be silent, Imran Khan tweeted ahead, it was the quality of leadership. Imran Khan’s three tweets destroyed by the statue that took place in the whole world destroyed him. The US President said that the war of the United States was enough, just now we will do the same that our people and the interests of our country
I will be. According to the details, US president Donald Trump described against the Pakistan, the war between Pakistan and America has been sprinkled on Twitter.
He said that the US has given a neutral aid of $ 20 billion to Pakistan. 3. Our tribal areas were destroyed and millions of people were displaced. This war broke the general life of Pakistan

Made a mistake Pakistan has also provided relief groundwater and air passengers to the United States.
He also told whether the trumpets could name any other coalition who offered such sacrifices. The US should rather analyze 140,000 NATO, one million and a half million, not to blame Pakistan for its failures.
Why are the Taliban already in advance despite the expenses of soldiers and a peer? President Donald Trarma also tweeted


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