Rafiq lived with his parents in a local area of Lahore. Shahid was also living with his parents in this regard. They both read in one school and one class .They used to get good numbers in their class.


Athar Ahmed Sheikh
Rafiq lived with his parents in a local area of ​​Lahore. Shahid was also living with his parents in this regard. They both read in one school and one class .They used to get good numbers in their class.

Shahid’s parents were wealthy. His mother was a huge business, while Rafi was related to a poor family. His father used to have a clerk in an office, he used to pay a rafiqah fee with great difficulty. During the days of Raqiq and Shahid They worked hard and both wanted to get the first position.
Shahid was constantly getting the position from the second. Thus Rafiq’s heart became a source of humility. He was always lost in thinking, his hungry thirst was over.

He wanted to get Shahid down by getting the first position.

One day, all boys were playing their kits .Shaddi should also get you the first position this year so that you can get a great reward, as it has been getting for three years to come first .Reqq ‘s Jamaat Ahmad He said to Shahid. “Insha Allaah will come to the beginning this year too, but what to do, my competition is Rafiq, you know that I and his competition are meant to get the first position and I have only two or three numbers Get position first
Shahid replied. “Unbelievable, I will not allow you to get the first position in this year”; Rafiq said to the hugly; “Man is not of great speech, but it is morally” Shahid Bola said “Let this lecture go to someone else” and yes, you do not keep my mouth and you are my challenge that I will show you the first position in this year, tell me that the challenge is acceptable. “Rafiq Seeing that his face was angry with anger.

“OK Rafiq! I will break your pride by taking the first position this year too. Just listen to that the envy will never be happy. “Shahid replied.
What do you mean? I hate you? What is good in you that I will hurt you? Rafiq said.
“I do not want to discuss more about you.” Shahid says yes.
Rafiq was reading this year very well that he wanted to come first in every situation. He also kept asking about his father’s position and kept asking for something worthwhile.

One day Rafiq’s father came to the office, he bought a bicycle from his father. His father said, “Son bought a bicycle two years ago, why do you have a second cycle?” Oh, that old cycle does not look good, but my friends have new ones. “I feel ashamed, take me a new cycle.
Rafiq spreading his mouth and said, Rafiq was the only child of his parents. For this reason his father could not annoy him. He tried to fulfill his commandment.
“Good son, will we take our son a new cycle now?”
Rafique’s father smiled at her.

The next day the night passed, but Rafiq’s father did not reach the house. Rafiq and his mother were very upset. Knocked at the door.
Rafiq’s friends stood there, Rafiq asked him, “What’s the matter, why you are upset and why you have not come home yet, because you too work with them.”
He replied, “Your father was working in the morning, he did not even have to eat two lunches .I did not forbid them to work continuously, and they replied,” Today I do not rest, today I myself Buying a bicycle for a son “.
After finishing the end work, they were coming from the streets to get to know that their foot was shattered, so on their head hurt them. We have sent them to the hospital.
“What will be uncle now?” Tears started with tears of eyes, because his father’s condition was due to that.
Son, you do not worry, it is better to do that. “The friend of Darwin rafiq Rafiq. He reached the hospital with Rafiq and his father’s friend in the long run. Rafiq’s father’s condition was out of danger, but he It was upset because she did not have much trouble with her father but she had to pay the total school fees and was last date.
Her mother gave her a school fee, but she spent spending money on her father.
Rafique asked a friend of his father to pay for the fee, but he said that I am a poor man myself as much as he earns daily.
Now Rafiq lost his own year and looked at him. The fee was Rs 300 and he did not even have a single money. He did not go to school on the next day. The day stopped crying in the room. School Head Master met.
Rafiq greeted them.
He replied to Salam and asked; “Rafiq is well-known, you do not come to school today.” I did not have school fees, I did not get school in that shame. ” Somebody has submitted your fee. ”
“What does anyone mean to collect my fee?” Rafiq asked.
“The brother, who has submitted the fee, has refused to give his name.” By saying this, Headmaster went to Abbasi. On some distance from the controversy, Shahid and Ahmad were talking to each other, he did not see it, but he did not see him. The sound of things was reaching its ears.
“Why did Shahid submit this furry boy’s fee, you had a great opportunity to remove it from you?” Ahamed was saying to Shahid. It was heard by Rafiq as a teacher.
In Madam, I agree that Rafi is my opponent in the field of education and I am also competing with it, but it was also necessary to assist him at the time of trouble. Then he is my neighbor too, how do I lose his one year? “Shahid said.” Listen to this, Rafiq’s heart became very embarrassed in his heart, he thought he was not a son of a rich father, and he was a sympathy in his heart and I was a son of a poor father. I am proud of him. He begged forgiveness from Allaah and went home to feel embarrassed.


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