Red alert for Punjab after attack on Chinese Consulate Chinese specialists working on different projects across Punjab have been promptly promoted, all the forces order to remain on alert


23 November 2018) After the attack on a Chinese consulate issued a red alert for Punjab, security of sugar experts working on various projects across Punjab, was promptly promoted, and all the forces ordered to stay on alert. According to details, a red alert for Punjab has been issued after the attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi. In this regard, IG Police Punjab Amjad Javed Salimi has issued orders for high security across the province after the Chinese consulatory attack on Karachi.
Chinese specialists working in various projects across Punjab including Chinese consulate in Lahore have been promoted to security. While all the forces across the Punjab have been constantly ordered to stay on alert, increase search operations, and dispose of sensitive areas.

It is clear that terrorists attacked Chinese consulate today in Cliffton Block 4, Karachi, which resulted in the death of 7.
The statement issued by the Rangers officials said that two terrorists were ousted out of Campbound. All diplomats were safe in the attack. Spokesman Pakistan Rangershand said that the terrorist attack was foiled. According to sources, the number of people killed has been killed in which three terrorists are involved. The deceased included two father sons who came to Quetta visa.
Pakistan Rangers Sindh said that more details about terrorists will be shared later. DG RangersService Major Mohammad Saeed said that 35 security personnel were present. Three terrorists came to the Chinese consulate. The gate was surrounded by the gate. He said that the situation is under control, Chinese Consulate staff has not come to any extent. The locals are being identified. He said that all companies are working closely to make Karachi safe.


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