The first time in India, the army rebelled against the government


November 22, 2018) For the first time in the army, the army made an uprising against the government, the Indian Army got on top of the Chief Government, after giving allegations of corruption on the army, giving it a clear warning. According to the details, Pakistan’s neighboring country has been severely torn to civil war in India. The first time it is coming to see that the leadership of the Indian army has started criticizing its own government.
Over the last few months, the Indian government has been accused of being corruption in defense agreements. India’s Modi government has blamed all the accusations of its army to save itself from these allegations. The Modi government’s move has angered Indian army leadership.

On this issue, Army Chief of India has given a clear warning to the government in a clear way.
The Indian Army has fallen on the Chief Government after the allegations of corruption on the army. The army chief has said that the army should avoid getting rid of mud. India’s journalists and analysts say that in the coming days, the conflict between the Indian army and the government could increase. Due to corruption in the conditions of Kashmir and defense contracts, both Army and Modi are under severe pressure.
In such cases, both of them are trying to make a mistake by blaming each other. This situation will take a dangerous look for India, which spread terrorism and instability in other countries. In this situation India will be self-sustaining.


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